Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wired Neon Cities: Halcyon Corporation, The Psychic, & The Ghost

Halcyon Corporation

Brief: Since the invention of the neural implant, the Halcyon Corporation has always had an interest in the reaches of the human mind. The brain, at one time viewed as merely as an apparatus to hold the datajack came under research for such acts as digitization of Human memory and unlocking psychic potential. The Halcyon Corporation (or Halcyon for short) is a major business concern that deals in cloning, memory backup, and psycho-augmentation. When their icon, the brain bulb, glows in a doctor's office, that person knows they can have their brain tinkered with in all sorts of ways.

The Psychic

Brief: Through augmentation, science has unlocked the potential of your mind and has created a psychic.

Wounds: 3

Psionics: A Psychic starts play with 1 psychic talent. Every other level, or by a means determined by the GM (training, surgery, ingesting drugs) the Psychic gains a new talent. A Psion can use most of the abilities once per Combat encounter. A sample of talents below:

Stun: Test Mind to freeze an opponent for a number of rounds equal to level.

Confuse: Test Mind to confuse an enemy. Targeted enemy takes -1 to all actions for a number of rounds equal to the Psychic's level. Penalties do not stack.

Heal: Test Mind to Heal target 1 wound per level. On a roll of 1, the target takes a strain point. Once the strain point reaches the target's Level +3 (i.e. a 1st level character has 4 strain points) The target can no longer take healing. Strain eases at a rate of 1 per day.

Bolt: This can be used once every round. Test Mind to strike a target with a bolt of pyro-kinetic or electro-kinetic energy. It deals 1 damage.

Ball: Lobs a ball of pyro-kinetic or electro-kinetic energy that deals damage to all targets in a Near range burst area. At the GM's discretion, tertiary targets outside of the point of impact can Test Nimble (with a -1) to avoid damage.

Invisibility: Test Mind to turn invisible. The target remains invisible for a number of rounds equal to their level and loses invisibility status if they deal a major offensive action- such as shooting or stabbing a target.

The Ghost

Brief: Ghosts are Thieves, Agents, and Spies that are either self-employed or contracted by the Corporations. Unlike Gunners, these Agents focus on more than just shooting each other.

Wounds: 4

Wired Reflexes: Re-roll a number of Test Nimble equal to 1/2 their class level and take the best of results.


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  1. Replies
    1. Well, thank-you. The Psychic was inspired by the 'Mage' from Malthouse's fantasy game 'In Darkest Warrens'. The Ghost was inspired by the Rogue, but I changed the special ability for something I liked for reasons that could be described as personal.