Friday, June 16, 2017

Around the Horn: Gisbert Highforge

Gisbert in full armor.

Been a very slow day at the Embassy that I wasn't sure what to talk about. Instead! Let's do a 'Around the Horn' inspired by my 5e character - Gisbert Highforge. Before I get into the rules let's take a look at a few points about Gisbert.

-Gisbert Highforge is considered an outcast by his clan, Clan Crownguard, because of his willingness to get involved in matters of the tallfolk, specifically helping the Humans beat back the darkness that exists in their world. For his willingness to break the laws of apartness by Dwarven leaders, Gisbert is barred from returning to the redoubt and can only hope to live in one of the surface towns the Dwarves have established.

-Gisbert is a model of a phalanx fighter. He prefers shields and one-handed weapons to two handed. He also likes to protect his allies when he can.

-Gisbert boasts both scars and a quiet matter. It doesn't make him the charmer. But he is earnest and dependable, sometimes that's what matters to people.

Now! Let's go around the horn:

Savage Worlds

Gisbert Highforge
Novice; Dwarf

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d6
Skills: Climbing d6, Fighting d8, Intimidation d4, Notice d6, Repair d6, Shooting d4, Survival d6, Swimming d4, Throwing d4
Traits: Pace: 5; Parry: 7 (+1 - Shield); Toughness: 8 (2 - Chainmail) / 10 vs. Ranged (2 - Chainmail & 2 - Medium Shield)
Edges: Brawny; Darkvision / Hindrances: Code of Honor, Loyal, Ugly

Pick: Dmg: Str + d8
Hatchet: Dmg: Str + d6
Pistol (5/10/20): Dmg: 2d6; RoF: 1; S: Reload Actions: 2

Other Equipment: Backpack, Rations, Canteen, Spikes (x10), Oil (x2), Lantern, Hammer, Crowbar

Mini Six

Might: 5D
Agility: 3D
Wit: 2D+2
Charm: 1D+1

Skills: Axe: 7D, Stamina: 6D, Lift 6D, Craft (Smithy): 6D+1, Pistol: 4D, Athletics: 4D

Static Defenses: Block: 15; Parry: 21; Dodge: 9; Soak: 25 (+6 Chain; +4 Shield)

Pick: Dmg: 8D; Hatchet: 6D+1; Pistol (5/10/25): Dmg: 3D+1; S: 2-round reload or a TN 10 Pistol check for quick load.

1974 Style/Fantasy Mix (1974 Style + Personal House Rules)

Gisbert Highforge

Class: Fighter (Level 1); HP: 9; Saving Throw: 13
Armor Class: 13 (Chain Mail + Shield); Movement: 4
Roll Bonus: +1

Pick: Attk: +1; Dmg: 1d6
Pistol: Attk: +1; Dmg: 1d6; R: Near
Hatchet: Attk: +1; Dmg: 1d6; S: Advantage on Survival checks.


Dwarf: +1 to Hit Points rolled for a total of d6+3 per level. Dwarves take a -1 to Movement due to their size and girth.

Protector: Once per round a Protector can protect an adjacent ally by using their shield. Enemies that wish to attack this opponent must do so at a Disadvantage. A Protector cannot use this ability on themselves.

Saving Throw Adjustments: +2 vs. Poison, Disease, & Magic.


Gisbert Highforge


Strength: +2 (Great)
Agility: 0 (Fair)
Health: 1 (Good)
IQ: 0 (Fair)
Perception: 0 (Fair)
Will: 0 (Fair)

DDF: 5 (+3 Chainmail; +1 Health; +1 Racial) / ODF: +2 Strength


Climbing: 2 (Great)
Fighting: Axe (covers Pick & Hatchet): 2 (Great)
Block: 1 (Good)
Carouse: -2 (Poor)
Knowledge (Gemcutting): 0 (Fair)
Fighting: Pistol: 0 (Fair)
Survival: 1 (Good)
Swimming: 0 (Fair)


Pick: Base Dmg: +3; Total ODF: +5; R: Melee
Hatchet: Base Dmg: +2; Total ODF: +4
Pistol: Dmg: +2; Range: Near; Reload: 2 rounds
Shield: +1 to Block Skill; Current Total: 2 (Great)

Other Equipment: Backpack, Spikes (x10), Ration, Canteen, Flask, Oil (x2), Lantern

Gifts & Faults

Gift: Poison Resistance: +1 Health vs. Poison based attacks or effects.
Gift: Sword & Board Fighter: Can use Block at -1 to protect an Adjacent ally from attack. The Block roll is compared to the allies own defense and whichever is higher is used.

Fault: Slow: Speed Scale is -1 when compared to Scale 0 (Human)
Fault: Scars: Typically invokes a bonus penalty to social interaction. This might be mitigated at GM's discretion by clothing, interest in scars, or past experience with character.

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