Thursday, June 1, 2017

Breachworld: Character Trio

In honor of the soon to be released 'Smoky' community by Jason Richards, I wanted to step in and offer a few NPC's or characters you can throw in. You can even file off stuff from them and use them for post-apocalyptic or science fiction games.

Thorn and Julia
Ursine Guardian

Might: 4D+1

Agility: 2D+1

Wit: 3D+1

Charm: 2D

Skills: Brawling: 5D+1; Stamina: 6D+1; Sword: 5D+1; Search: 4D+1; Rifle: 3D+1; Pistol: 3D+1; Courage: 3D

Defenses: Block: 16 / Parry: 16 / Dodge: 7 / Soak: 17 (+4 Metal Armor)

Perks: Natural Weapon (Light), Strong / Complications: Obligation (Julia)

Hunting Rifle: Dmg: 5D+1; R: 65/200/400; S: Scope: By taking Aim a character negates 5 points from Range bonuses to Dodge.

Claws: Dmg: 5D+1; S: Natural Weapon (+3 to Brawl checks made when using this claw attack).

Machete: Dmg: 7D; S: +1D to Might checks to cut away at objects such as tree limbs or vines.

-Thorn is an Ursine Xeno who is stuck in the Breachworld. Having been rescued from near-death when he was shot, he was given one task as payment from the woman who saved him: Protect her daughter, Julia. After a raid on their science camp by Talon Corporation agents, Thron escaped into the wilderness with Julia.

-They have made their way to Smoky and are now caught between wary local security and avoiding the Talon Corporation's agents who have posed as ambassadors to the community. Do they attempt to warn the local security of the Talon Corporation's malicious acts without proof?

Child Epic

Might: 2D

Agility: 3D

Wit: 4D

Charm: 3D

Skills: Epic: 6D; Dodge: 4D; Stealth: 4D

Defenses: Block: 6 / Parry: 6 / Dodge: 12 / Soak: 7 (1 – Reinforced Coat)

Perks: Epic, Extra Power / Complication: Age, Hunter

Powers (3): Deflect Projectile (Pg. 108 – Core); Push (Pg. 110 – Core). Break Fall (Pg. 108 – Core)

-Julia is a child Epic that was raised by her mother in a small science compound in the Appalachia region until the Breach Crisis was resolved. For a time, she had something a content life, even though she was something of an experimentation in being an Epic by the scientists.

-One of the few friends she met was a Breach Xeno who stumbled into their compound wounded. His name, well, the name he was given was 'Thorn' based on several that had to be pulled from him. As payment for saving his life, Thorn was asked to guard Julia in case of danger. He has been her loyal companion ever since.

-The Talon Company attack forced the pair to flee further into the mountain regions that housed the Compound. They came upon Smoky and were allowed admittance. She and Thorn work with another man, Orlando, to find and salvage tech to trade back in Smoky. Both Thorn and her know the Talon company cannot be trusted, but they are unsure what to do about the ambassadors now stationed within the camp.

Bruce Bernthal
Bruce Bernthal
Human Security

Might: 3D+1

Agility: 3D

Wit: 3D+2

Charm: 2D

Skills: Rifle: 4D, Brawling: 4D+1, Search: 4D+2, Persuade: 3D, Track: 4D+2

Defenses: Block: 13 / Parry: 10 / Dodge: 9 / Soak: 14 (+4 Body Armor)

Perks: Climbing / Complications: Obligation (Smoky)

ST Pistol: Dmg: 5D; R: 40/150/300 ft.; S: Semi-Auto – Can make 2 attacks without incurring penalty.

Shotgun: Dmg: 5D+1; R: 65/130/200 ft.; S: Shot – Adds +2 to Attacks when fired at close range.

Baton: Dmg: 4D+2; S: Collapsible: +1D to Stealth conceal the item.

-Bernthal is a mountain man all his life and a former Sheriff's deputy turned security officer for the Smoky community. He has a lot of things on his plate: Talon Corporation ambassadors sneaking around, people vanishing in the caves near the town, creatures emerging from the nearby breach. The experience has left him jaded and quick to hit the bottle.

-His outfit includes a number of Humans, Grim, and Machine Men who try to keep trouble from spilling in to the community.


New Race: Ursine

Brief: Ursine are a Ursoid-Xeno race that resemble bipedal bears from the same world that Dru emerged from. Their fur color is typically shades of brown or black, though Ursine from the frozen portions of their homeworld tend to resemble that of the Terran polar bear. They are known to be reserved, but loyal friends. Their white furred colors tend towards unprovoked aggression due to the harshness of their realm, but those are only times of desperate need for supplies and not overall trait.


Starting Attribute Dice: 12D
Starting Skill Dice: 6D

Body: 2D - 5D+1
Agility: 1D - 3D+1
Wit: 1D - 3D+1
Charm: 1D - 4D

Perks: Natural Weapons (Light); Strong


Breachworld - the Core game by Jason Richards

Breachworld: Minotaur Folio - Awesome race; includes the Strong perk.

Breachworld G+ Community: - A Play to talk about Breachworld.

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