Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Breachworld: Pacifica & Crater Lake

Pre-Fall Poster
"Mission Log #421

Have successfully established a listening post on the outskirts of the park. Radio reception with Portland is spotty, but reports confirm our worst fears. The snow has not abated in the Pacific Region. Portland is calling for any supplies and reports that creatures known as 'Fimbul-wolves' have aggressively attacked refugees trying to make their way south. After hearing this my staff and I began to lay the foundation for Operation Unicorn. We plan to resupply and evacuate who we need to evacuate from Portland- even if we have to fight every damn wolf along the way."

-Captain H. Turnbull, BRAC Unit Command, Crater Lake Facility.

Brief: Before the fall: Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver not only boasted wondrous gates, they had also managed to pool together their resources to form an independent identify: Pacifica. The gates had enabled the the United States and Canada tech-boom to reach markets in Europe and Asia at a moment's notice. Heads of foreign corporations could attend a critical meeting in just a few minutes of scheduling it and then return home before lunchtime. There were places worst off due to the Fall, but none more lamented than the silicon dream of the Northwest.

The Cold Zone: The breaches of the big three share certain common traits. Each one seems to link the region to a cold zone that inexplicably has managed to warp the local zones. Portland and Seattle are blanketed by zone. Vancouver maintains a steady tundra like condition. All three cities are constantly cold, even in the highest points of summer snow still sits on the streets. The cold has drawn in large predators, such as Fimbul-Wolves and giant frost worms. Citizens are advised to remain indoors as Hirsute Yeti prowl the areas looking for flesh and warm blood to gobble down. Supplies have to be scavenged or imported- an almost improbable task if it wasn't for the BRAC Squads help in supplementing what few traders risk going into the zone.

Crater Lake Base

Standing near the shores of the lake is one of the outposts willing to get close to the cold zone: Crater Lake Base. Using the Witches' Cauldron volcano for a Thermaltap generator and a rare fabricator unit for supplies, BRAC: Pacifica uses the base to control the region. From here, they coordinate mercenaries and traders to head towards the beleaguered cities. From here they gather intelligence from their listening posts. From here they combat creatures that continue to push south. Captain Humphrey Turnbull leads the BRAC Squad that is in charge of the base.

Locations & Power Groups

Location: Riverside

Brief: A growing boom town that happens to be part stopover for loggers and a recipient of relocated technology.

Rep: Could be worst, at least the Yeti haven't started attacking the walls, yet.

Before the Fall, Riverside was a logging community in the area. Logs rolled in, smooth boards rolled out for construction. With the Fall, several tech companies and individuals opted to remove their equipment in a mad scramble to escape the breach chaos. While several groups continued south into California or Nevada, there were certain groups that made it as far as Riverside and stopped. Now Riverside is one-half a logging community and one-half a developed town. Broad-shouldered, grim looking loggers-turned-guards work alongside plucky, but thin technicians. The same row of shops where one could get a brew from could also host a store catering to the cybernetics crowd. Rufus Creed is the town mayor and his Sheriff is a Tusk by the name of Ator.

Power Group: BRAC Unit Omicron

Brief: A "Breach Research and Closure" Squad located near Crater Lake, Oregon.

Rep: Determined men and women who wish to seal the Cold Zone breaches and free Pacifica as best they can.

As mentioned above, Humphrey Turnbull leads the BRAC organization in the Pacifica region in an attempt to seal the major breaches in the region. Besides Turnbull, there are also such figures as Walden Applegate (Human, Tech-heavy build); Locke (Dru, Scout-build), and Galgan (Minotaur; Soldier Build). His command attracts a combination of Humans and furred-Xenos such as Dru or Minotaur- creatures that can stand the cold. His current plan is pushing Operation Unicorn for a more direct attempt at relieving the besieged cities.

Power Group: Foxgrove Raiders

Brief: A branch of 'the Resistance' that is dedicated to combating Xeno life in the Breachworld, whether friendly or not. Hostile to communities not under their 'protection'.

Rep: Xenophobes who claim they are doing the evil that they do in the name of saving humanity.

Constantly troubling merchants, mercenaries, and BRAC agents are the Foxgrove. These men and women who are pure-strain Humans have taken to attacking caravans and aid being sent to assist towns hit by the cold zone. Aid that is stolen is used as part of General Huxley's 'Carrot & Stick' program to get towns to side with his organization. Huxley's demands are simple: the destruction or subjugation of all Xenos; The acquiescence of town rulers to his leadership. Huxley truly believes what he is doing, no matter how diabolical, will be seen as efforts to save humanity as a whole. He wears a crown of command that is heavy, but he feels is rightfully his.

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