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Campaign Alchemy: Ansalon Occupied

This is a first in what I like to call "Campaign Alchemy" where I take a more-or-less established campaign setting, and through the power of written alchemy, transmogrify it. Otherwise known as giving a campaign a twist or sitting around and saying: "Wouldn't it be cool if this happened?" Let's get a little heretical with "Ansalon Occupied"

Precis: Post 'War of the Lance' Ansalon is occupied by aliens. Players are resistors, collaborators, mercenaries, or invaders trying to survive.

Conspectus: It has been six months since the War of the Lance concluded, but the rebuilding is on halt. Perhaps it was the powers at work that attracted them, perhaps it was just by chance that their fleets came upon it. To the natives of Ansalon, it appeared as though great fireballs had crashed upon the planet. It was soon clear, however, that what had truly descended were invaders from the stars. The Hochar (Plural Hochari) had come at hand to add Krynn to its empire of worlds.

Pictured: Hochar Heavy Gunner
"On this day, the race calling themselves the Hochari entered through the gates of Palanthus unopposed. Skirmishes outside of the city failed to distract the alien from marching down the streets. They have made care not to harass the citizenry nor have they tried to occupy any public building besides the Lord Mayor's office. The Great Library still remains." Astinus of Palanthas on the occupation.

Events of the Realm

-The Hochar and alien race of porcine-humanoids whose direct energy weapons, large blades, and imposing physical strength. Their mission is to conquer and colonize Ansalon for their people. To that end, the Hochar strategy is to pacify the population and scout out locations that would do well for the Hochar. Governor Garn of Char keeps Lord Amothus Palanthas as lord, but under the protection of the Hochar troops. On one hand, the Blue Lady's forces have been broken by the Hochar technology. On the other hand, the Hochar maintain control.

-Kitara Uth Matar remains imprison in the dungeon of Palanthas. A bitter woman, her personal mount, Skie, was struck down by a Hochar missile. Her followers have been warned that any attempt to free her or assault the city will result in her death first. Tales of the powers of her follower, Loren Soth are such that she is fitted with an explosive collar.

-While Hochar are just beginning to learn this power known as Magic the Hochari do have a supernatural power. Their force boasts psychics and soulblades. the Mindblade Askar Brokentusk managed to duel Loren Soth for a few minutes, before the Deathknight killed him with a touch. To this day, Dagaard Keep has been bombed to try and slay the troublesome Knight.

-The Hochar occupation is concentrated in Solamnia proper and has begun to stretch further south. Solace now sees the rumble of vehicles and Hochar troops who have admired the tree-top houses (perhaps they might make good logging...) and the borders of Qualinesti have been probed, with the holdout Elves harassing the Hochar army. It is there that some of their troops have been slain, their weapons disappearing into the hands in the natives.

Map of Ansalon. The best one I could find.
-Out of work Draconians still left over in the west have found new work: Hochar Auxiliaries. It has only been somewhat successful, given the Hochar have had to keep the Draconians from engaging in their base instincts. The Draconians are lead by Hochari officers and are kept separate depending on what eggs they were hatched from (Fel-eggs, the original Draconians born of good dragons in one group. The high-eggs, the noble dragons born out of evil dragon eggs in the other).

-The Tower of High Sorcery, Planathas. Still cursed, still near impossible to penetrate. To this day it remains quarantined with troops waiting to face The Master of Past and Present if and when he emerges.

Role of the PC's

 "Collaboration Means Death!" - An anti-occupation graffiti found in Palanthas. It was painted over once discovered by occupation forces.

"What I see is a birthplace of rebellion. Leave nothing but craters and ruin." - Governor Garn of Char on the bombing of Neraka.

-It is a period where rebellion has sprung in small pockets. Players native of Krynn may fight back, rebel. They need to be careful, stealing what technology they can get their hands on and disappearing. It is a time when heroes struck out once again.

-It is a time for collaboration. After years of war, some people are willing to sacrifice a little freedom for a little security. Serve as a Hochar auxiliary. You get training, three square meals, and access to some level of technology. Or just work as double agents.

-It is a time for some gray. Mercenaries now serve as scouts for Hochar occupation. There are double-agents reporting, stealing, and monitoring on behalf of paymasters which could be either the Hochar or some native force. For the Hochar, the movements of resistance are invaluable. For the natives, captured weapon samples and plans are needed to somehow combat this threat.

-It is a time for dragons. Dragons on both sides have lost much from the initial attack. Now, metallic and chromatic, scheme and plan to strike back against these aliens. They're willing to use their allies and whomever they can hire to help their plans come to fruition.

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