Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Current State of the Embassy

Meanwhile, at the Gnomish Embassy
I wanted to take sometime talking about the current state of the Embassy. This is something of a personal ramble as I have acquired a number of different readers over my time spent writing about a number of games. So, let's break down some my thoughts and feelings on certain matters and go from there.

Rules Lite/Indie/OSR: As of late I haven't been writing a whole lot in the rules-lite/OSR stuff. I have to admit, in the grand scheme of it, I probably never was OSR. I liked BFRPG and Swords & Wizardry, but I never was too deep in that scene. I still appreciate Basic Fantasy, though I'd say I appreciate the rules of Sword & Wizardry a little more. Can we expect some material in either of these cases? I would say not right now. All I ever seem to write is post after endless post of house rules that probably muck up the game.

Solo Gaming: While I also have appreciation about solo gaming, I find it hard to really get involved in it. I do love writing, and in fact have taken some of my ideas I've written about before and used them in my prose hobby. I occasionally read some actual plays, but I've allowed my participation level to drop off to that of a casual fan.

Scarabae: I've decided to step away from writing so many Scarabae post. I appreciate the support I received from writing those, but it is a case where it's not really my sandbox. I still like the stuff I did with it, but like Krevborna, my version would be just a touch more different that I'd probably just write my own campaign material. With that in mind, I still think game-icons.net is a great resource, so thanks for Scarabae for pointing that one out.

Savage Worlds & Mini Six: My at home group plays a lot of Savage Worlds. So much so that when not writing generic things, I tend to gravitate towards Savage Worlds. I also write the more-than-average odd post about Mini Six. The two to me share a lot of things in common: both are rules generic system that emphasize skills over classes. Both offer the ability for you as either player or GM to shout "d6 explodes!" when your wild die or any d6 comes up six. Both emphasize levels over hit points. I run Savage Worlds with my main group and Mini Six when I do smaller side groups or for the younger members of my family.

Forgotten Realms & Spelljammer Projects: They're around. I occasionally work on them. Eventually I'll update them.

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