Friday, June 2, 2017

I Roll Up a 5e Character: Deacon Knock

Deacon Knock
Level 1 Artificer; Male; Rock Gnome

Strength: 8 / -1
Dexterity: 12 / +1
Constitution: 15 / +2
Intelligence: 17 / +3
Wisdom: 10 / 0
Charisma: 13 / +1

HP: 10 / Proficiency Bonus: +2 / AC: 13 (Leather Armor) / Speed: 25 ft.

Saving Throws: Constitution (+4), Intelligence (+5)

Skills: Arcana, Nature, Medicine

Pistol: +3; Dmg: 1d8; R: 80/320

Dagger: +3; Dmg: 1d4+1; R: 20/60; S: Finesse

Other Equipment: Backpack, Chalk x4, Lantern, Oil x3, Rations, Canteen, Vial (Empty) x4, Signal Whistle, Acid Vial x1, Alchemist's Bag, Artificer's Toolkit

Wealth: Gold: 23 / Silver: 9 / Copper: 4

Traits & Abilities

Darkvision - You can see in near total darkness, however, in total darkness you cannot distinguish color. You can only see shades of grey.

Gnome Cunning - Gain the Advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma Saving Throws when resisting magic.

Artificer’s Lore. Whenever you make an Intelligence (History) check related to magic items, alchemical objects, or technological devices, you can add twice your proficiency bonus, instead of any proficiency bonus you normally apply.

Tinker: Can use to build wondrous items. Deacon can build the following: Clockwork Toys - This include such items as Frog, Mouse, Bird, Dragon, or Soldier. They last for 24 hours (unless 1 hour is taken to repair them) and make the appropriate sounds to delight the hearts of all ages.

Magic Item Analysis: Starting at 1st level, your understanding of magic items allows you to analyze and understand their secrets. You know the artificer spells detect magic and identify, and you can cast them as rituals. You don’t need to provide a material component when casting identify with this class feature.

Artificer Specialist (Alchemist): Gain an alchemist satchel that has all of the chemicals, elixirs, and reagents needed to create the following items. As long as you have this satchel you can assemble and use your abilities every round. the DC for any Saving Throw is currently at: 13

Alchemical Acid: +3; R: 30 / Creatures within a 5 ft. radius must make a Dexterity Saving Throw (13) or take 1d6 Acid damage. As the Artificer's level increases, so does the damage of their alchemical acid.

Healing Draught: Can create a medicinal compound (that is also green in color) and pass it to himself or allies to heal them 1d8 hit points. Recipients can only benefit again from Healing Draught after taking a Long Rest.

Thunderstone: +3; R: 30; Radius: 10 ft / The Alchemist produces a crystal shard that can be thrown, unleashing a combination of sonic energy and concussive force. Targets within the 10 ft. radius must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or be knocked away 10 ft. and prone.

-Deacon is a Gnome Alchemist and resident of Redgutter Ward's Crafter's Avenue where he works as a chemist and pharmaceutical supplier for local apothecaries. His specialty is crafting acids, medicinal pills, and prophylactics - the latter being a major trade for apothecaries by way of randy sailors not wanting to catch something or impregnate someone.

-Quick with a knife and carries a pistol on his person, Deacon doesn't consider himself a necessarily violent person. He just doesn't care to be pushed around and shall respond in turn with a vial of acid or two. He at times has had problems with gangs after performing back alley surgery on Kneecutter members.


Artificer Class - Free from Wizards of the Coast

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