Saturday, June 24, 2017

Savage Blackmoor: Super Berries

I only know a little bit about Blackmoor. I own the 3rd edition campaign book that was produced, and I read some of the forums. To me, Blackmoor works on a level when it's a fantasy realm where an alien craft has crash landed, and that craft's future tech has now scattered across the realm. Nobody can reproduce it (not unless they find the fabricator inside, perhaps?) But every once in awhile they'll come across some fiend with a laser gun or something. One of the ships has also left a colony on the planet in the form of the City of the Gods. Let's look at some material we might find in a Blackmoor - Savage Worlds mix.

Super Berries

Brief: These large orange berries are said to glow and pulse with laden arcane energies. Mysterious individuals such as the Wizard of the Wood are known to cultivate these berries in private orchards and take little pity on trespassers trying to steal their berries. Occasionally a super berry makes it way onto the open market, where they can fetch a high price for a consumable.

Mechanics: The Super Berry has a dual purpose. A member of an Arcane Background can consume a Super Berry to regain 1d10+1 Power Points. A Arcane Background user can also use an uneaten berry to Boost a spell. By holding the berry in one hand while casting a spell, the berry's light is exhausted and the spell is treated as either a raise on a success, or a raise+ on a raise. A raise plus might add 2 points of damage, 2 rounds to the duration, or 2 points of protection at the GM's discretion. The berry can still be consumed for nourishment, but the arcane essence has been drained and the power points cannot be gained from eating a used berry.

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