Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Savage Worlds: Addendum Additions!

So we've also been busy behind the scenes putting together campaign materials that update some of my favorite D&D campaign settings to Savage Worlds. I wanted an official post about it, because, why the hell not?

The Forgotten Realms addendum adds races converted from the 3e edition of Forgotten Realms. It also adds some equipment found in there as well as adds extra edges, generally taken from other sources and re-skinned that I thought added to the flavor of Faerun.

The Spelljammer addendum also adds races, equipment, and edges that were re-purposed to flavor a Spelljammer game. I further recommend picking up material such as Sundered Skies by Triple Ace games if you want a heavy emphasis of ship combat (those airships are more-or-less Spelljammers, just replace the air with void).

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