Thursday, June 29, 2017

Savage Worlds: King of the Streets

King of the Steeets

A Car and a Sketch

The Drifsta 
Class: Sports Car
Acc/TS: 35/60
Toughness: 10 (3)
Crew: 1 / Passengers: 1
Notes: Handling +2 to Driving; Boost: Adds 1d10 to Top Speed for 3 rounds. 1d10 is rolled on the 1st round and sets the temporary speed boost before slowing back down to normal on the third round. The car has 3 Boost charges.

Pitch: Urban fantasy taking place in an 1980's nowheresville. Elves, men, and orcs in their leisure suits, smuggling dragon's blood to snort or sip as bullets fly in a neon haze. It is a time of excess and unrest.

-It is roughly 44 years after the Philadelphia experiment bore a hole through dimensions and opened yet another rift that connected our world to that of the fantastical. The whole lasted long enough to mutate nearby residents and exile swathes of things only thought to be flights of fancy. The fantastical became urbane.

-Now in the 80's the arcane and the mundane have sort of made peace. Magicians live under the shadow of neon lights, orcs run security for the rich and famous, elves have become something of outlaw-celebrities as it is they who create and distribute the drug known as Dragon's Blood to the masses.

-It is a period where the player's paths range from that of smugglers, driving fast vehicles to move product; the law, trying their hardest to keep things from boiling over; the government, who still after 40 years try to harness and weaponize these strange powers; or vigilantes who are out there dealing their own brand of justice to the scum of the afterworld.

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