Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Savage Worlds: A Set of Armors

And these fellows are modeling the summer line...

You have the Science Fiction Companion and you look over the armors. They are effective, but a little bit bland. Your choices include Body Armor or Combat Armor. Granted, there is Power Armor, but that's it's own thing and there is a great deal of information on that equipment already. Instead! Let's put together some mundane armor for your players or for the NPC's.

Civil Protection Body Armor

Brief: Used by organizations like Civil Protection and corporate security, this is brand of synthetic ballistic weave is lightweight, allowing freedom of movement for the officer at the cost of heavy protection. The suit comes with a mask.


Armor: +4
Covers: Arms, Head, Legs, Torso
Weight: 8 lbs
Cost: 300
Notes: Helmet filters give protection from inhaled hazards such as airborne toxins or noxious gasses. The armor provides some small measure of radiation check (+1) but only for the first radiation resistance roll. The helmet also has a built in radio and goggles that grant the user nightvision.

Overwatch Combat Armor

Brief: Used by the soldier of the future. The Overwatch combat armor provides a heavy protection chest piece and reinforced ballistic fiber in the legs. Like the Civil Protection outfit, this uniform's helmet has a number of unique features that help the soldier of the future get the job done. At request of prospective organization, the uniform can be painted with colors like gunmetal gray or midnight blue.


Armor: +6
Covers: Arms, Head, Legs, Torso
Weight: 12
Cost: 900
Notes: The Combat armor provides a measure of protection against radiation. On the first 3 resistance rolls the suit provides a +2 bonus to Vigor checks. The helmet provides radio, HUD display granting +2 Notice, and internal lighting that allows the user Nightvision.

Crisis Elite Armor

Brief: This high end armor is made of advanced ballistic weave and nano infused polymers. The armor literally can keep a target from bleeding out if they rendered incapacitated. The suit's nano weave also provides the best protection against radiation, allowing elite squads to operate in the most hazardous environment.


Armor: +8
Covers: Arms, Head, Legs, & Torso
Weight: 16 lbs.
Cost: 1200
Notes: Suit provides +2 vs. Radiation rolls for a 24-hour period before needing to be returned and cleaned. Targets that are rendered incapacitated by small arms fire gain a +2 to checks to prevent dying due to wounds. The nanon weave cannot save a body that has been blown apart by explosives. The helmet includes a HUD, +2 Notice with a 500x magnification that can be activated as a free-action, and a long distance radio built into the suit.

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