Monday, June 12, 2017

Savage Worlds: Shark Cruiser

Tagline: Sharkcruiser: The Predator of the highway.

Brief: Built before the 'Great War' the Sharkcruiser was a unique model, singleseater sports car for speed hounds or single people compensating for something. Now that the world has gone to the wasteland, the Courier uses the Sharkcruiser to transport messages or packages across country in the small cargo space of the car. The terms of the Courier can be expensive. They include fuel, food, premium gas, and scrap. The service performed, however, is considered top-notch with some of the best gear and professional work one can hope to entrust a message or package to.

Size: 3 (Medium)
Acc/TS: 20/45
Toughness: 15 (6)
Mods Include: Handling I (+1 Driving checks), Four-wheel Drive, AMCM, Targeting System, Twin-linked Machine Guns (30/60/120 - Dmg: 2d8; RoF: 4; Ammo Count: 200 drum magazines; AP: 2), Boosters, Speed x2, Armor
Remaining Mods: 0


-This was built using the Savage Worlds: Science Fiction Companion. Finer details can be found in there.

-Colors include tiger stripes, great white grey, and magenta striker. Post-apocalyptic sages suspect these color schemes are ginned up by pre-War marketing representatives.

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