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Scarabae: The Hermit, The Wheel, & Justice

The Hermit
The Wandering Sage, Knowledge, The Lone Scholar

-The Hermit is a rather odd power in that individuals who follow his teachings rarely form enclaves or churches. Instead, an apprentice who wishes to walk the path of the Hermit will seek a master to study under. After a certain amount of time, the Apprentice shall leave his Master as a Journeyman and is encouraged to seek knowledge on his own.

-The Libris Rex maintains both a shrine and bedding for Hermits who enter the town.  They understand that a Hermit will not stay long, but when they do, they tend to be open about what they have learned with the Mages of the city. The Rex likes to depend on them for learning what is going on in the greater world.

-Tattoo monks and priests are known to eschew traditional record keeping such as pen or parchment by tattooing runes or words on their bodies that store the memories. By drawing the rune or saying the arcane word inscribed on their bodies, the stored knowledge flows back into their mind with little to no error in recollection.

The Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel, Fortuna, the Oracle

-The Wheel of Fortune (aka The Wheel) is the patron Arcana of merchants, oracles, and fortune seekers. Any who wish to enhance their position by chance will at some point spin the wheel and tip money to their collection jars.

-Since the Wheel lacks any anthropomorphic wheel (though it does have symbols such as Sphinxes, Jackals, and Snakes - the Wheel itself is just a Wheel) there are a number of 'Saints' or images associated with the Wheel. Images such as Ordo Gemfotter, who is depicted as a gem creature that holds aloft precious stones in his right hand, lead in his left, symbolizing in the extreme the two ends of fortune (richly rewards, or just a poor creature with blocks of lead).

-The Wheel has a number of temples, ashrams, and enclaves devoted to it. Their function and security vary wildly. Seeing as the Wheel is a wholly neutral element, one can have things such as the Spokehouse- a Wheel devoted order that encourages gambling and has ranks of Cleric-Rogues (the Fortuna) or you can have a giant golden gem emporium, such as the Gemfotter (which employs Clerics or Fighter-Clerics). Scholars agree, one finds few Paladin serving the Wheel. It is, however, the supreme power of Oracles.

Madam Vengeance, The Justicar, The Just of Powers

-Justice is a power depicted as a woman and is the patron of consulting detectives, vigilantes, and constabulary throughout the known world. Her temples are part houses of worship and part court of judgement for people brought to her temple.

-During the foundation revolt of Scarabae, Justice suffered something of a setback as the official Constabulary was overthrown and city-mandated policing was tossed away in favor of 'self-defense' and 'working it out amongst parties'. The Church of the Justice has in-turn supported vigilante organizations and have stepped up their own form of policing in neighborhoods that hold Justice temples. Many a Rogue has tried to ply their trade in the wrong neighborhood only to be caught by Justicars and dealt with.

-Justice's adherents include Paladins, Templars (Fighter-Clerics), Clerics, Rangers, and Vigilante Rogues. They can range from individuals looking for an excuse or a sanctioned ability to be violent by punishing the guilty, to true zealots of the cause of Justice by pursuing her goals and punishing the wicked.

-When not using her martial brand in punishing criminals, the Temple of the Justice is also used to settle what are viewed as 'petty matters'. Neighbors angry at each other over property disputes or misplaced dowries can take their case to be heard by the clergy of the Just. The clergy and their oracles are known to be tough, but fair in their dealings.


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Scarabae: Setting PDF by Jack Shear

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