Monday, June 12, 2017

Scarabae: Three Crossbows

Type: Heavy Crossbow

Pyre's history before making its way across the wide world is one of war, vengeance, and hatred. The weapon was built in a land faced with giant invasion at a time when redpowder and bullets were scarce, but there were still plenty of trees to be hewn and shaped into bolts. This heavy crossbow not only received some of the finest workmanship to build, but also an enchantment that played upon hill giant's natural fear: fire.

Upon pulling the trigger, any bolt that leaves Pyre bursts in a fiery bright flare that not only burns as well as pierces the target, it has a chance to set them a light. Rumors have persisted that with the giant uprising quelled, the crossbow was sold to Scarabae artificers to help bring money into the improvised area. In Scarabae there are conflicting reports of where the crossbow went: Some say it has been swallowed up by the market and is just waiting to be found, others say that it has been found in the hands of men who would spread anarchy with fire to Scarabae.

The Maiden & The Serpent
Type: Light Crossbow

This crossbow's infamous reputation continues to linger on the streets of Scarabae. The weapon, which depicts in silver the engravings of a maiden, a serpent, and a pair of horns on the end of the bow, was commissioned by a noble who had gladly sipped the cup of his diaboloic master and damned his soul. He was a fiend, a Devil worshiper, and a murderer who often dripped venom onto his weapon and fired the silent death from a rooftop on an unsuspecting victim. When vigilantes finally caught up with him he had ended more than a dozen lives. In turn, he was beheaded and his house ransacked. While there are few laws in Scarabae, few mortals are truly immune when they do such fiendish work. They all have to pay.

The crossbow continues on. The weapon is not only uncannily accurate, but, it is also said that because of all of the venom that it absorbed it now infuses into any ammunition loaded. Every shot is said to contain some form of poison that makes the target sluggish and weary.

The Beauty, The Beast
Type: Pistol Crossbow

Revolutionaries come in many shapes and forms. Some are true hardened rebels who wish to force some change on a distant lands. Some are the children of nobles who wish a taste of adventure, or perhaps a streak of wanting to help those in need by deeds instead of words or throwing money at it. This crossbow sprang to life by one noblewoman  who wanted to do the former. To go on adventure! Help fight in a revolution against a tyrannical power. While she was eager to join her comrades, our noble rebel had a habit of wanting nothing but the best equipment to go adventuring with. Using her resources she fashioned a crossbow.

The Beauty, The Beast is a silver and ivory crossbow that seems to give a soft electrical jolt when touched, just enough to remind the user of the power that lurks within. It's main power is that same electricity can fire off the bolt for so many times per day before it has to recharge. Its other power is not easily noticeable unless one is examining the bodies. Bolts fired from this crossbow seem to punch deeper than what the size should suggest. Despite its size, the weapon deals damage like that of a larger crossbow.

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