Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Setting Sketch: Eagledark


A Setting

Precis: Players are denizens living in Eagledark Citadel - a fortress city beset by the forces of chaos emanating by a corrupted temple. It is a time of hard men and women who have to beat back the armies of chaos while dealing with the corruption in the city itself.

The Citadel

Built by Lord Fajadhul in an attempt to become lord of his own realm. Eagledark is a testament to the will of a hard man who lived a hard life. The black stones that serve as the citadel's foundation give the castle proper its imposing look that stands out from the light stones found later to construct the rest of the city. Fajadhul had envisioned himself ruling the wild territory before him and claim it for the glory of his patron Divine: Strength. However, it was not to be. The Lord has been slain and whispers hint that either his companions, sinister cultists, or powerful merchants who became threatened by his power. Who did it and who shall become the new center of power is up in the air.

Live by the Sword, or Die by the Sword

While the citadel employs a force of guards, most of their work is protecting the city as a whole against attacks by giants, Gnoll natives, or corrupted creatures. A man who wishes to walk the streets of Eagledark and feel safe is a man who carries a blade and has a few mates walk with him. It's a rough town, but opportunity to make money off of productive mines and protection work. For the roguish, there is always the tried and true method of being a highwayman.

The Guild Master is a Dragon!

With the Lordship of the Citadel in question, Stilger Blackburn has emerged as an influential feature within the citadel. He is the leader of the Guild's Council, an owner of very lucrative mines, and a black dragon taking on Human form. It is said those green eyes are a reminder to the acidic blood that runs in his veins. Though a Dragon, Stilger does not simply Horde all of the gold that comes from his mines. He also invests his income to maintain the prestige of the Council and win him an army of sycophants, loyal soldiers, and the comforts of women. His favorite edict is the treatment of caught thieves- he has their offensive hand lopped off and pickled in his special barrel of acidic broth. It is said he has at least one barrel full of hands, but that could just be a wild rumor.

Dogs in the Farmland

Fajadhul came to the land to found his own kingdom, unfortunately for him, the land was technically already had owners. The lupine Gnolls, which already had fought giants and the depredations of the Temple of Elemental Evil now called for resistance against this oppressive city-state. It's a dirty war. Gnolls make up one of the largest humanoid group in the area. There are Gnoll citizens trying to get by in town, and Gnoll rebels launching attacks. Because the rebels use ambush and surprise raids for these attacks, regular Gnoll citizens are harassed and assaulted by angry colonists. Can the adventurer's come up with a solution for both groups to work together either as colonists who want to focus on greater threats, or Gnolls who wish to meet the colonists halfway? Or do they just want to add to the slaughter.

Against the Giants

Humans and their Humanoid allies weren't the only ones who had eyes on the Gnoll's land. Giants, directed by their signs, portents, and Chiefs have stepped up attacks to enslave all who stand beneath them. They eat emissaries like gluttons and happily enslave the little folk. High Chief Gorro, His Most Terrible Lord directs his Hill Giant conscripts and Frost Giant officers to wage this war of conquest. Who shall be united and stand against the giants?


Hungry? Thirsty? Could enjoy the company of a woman? It can all be found in Eagledark. Rose's Delicatessen features local brews and vintages from exotic grapes, Dwarven corn whiskey, and fine Halfling cigars. The Flesh Guild is organized to regulate and certify the comforts of a lady. Want to make sure you're safe as you enjoy the good things in life? Trust nothing less than a guild brand.

 The Temple of Elemental Evil

The true troubles that surround Eagledark. Past the Gnoll rebels, past the Giant invaders, they all pale against the corruption that emanates from the Temple. Once a grant complex dedicated to Elemental balance and to the Power known as 'the World'. The cultists in service to the Devil were able to infiltrate, and before they could be stopped, corrupt the connection between the Prime Material and the Elemental. Now, earth elementals made of slag poison all they touch; water elementals made of brine befoul pure drinking water, tornadoes of salt and dust lash and drain life, and crawling hellfire scourges the land. Worldsmen who wish to reclaim there's, Gnolls that want to preserve their land, and Picarros who just want to make money and try to not to die better knuckle up against these threats.

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