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White Star: Regime vs. Regime

Federation Flag
Regime vs. Regime


Consortium vs. Federation

Precis: Following the Insectus hives back to their home planet of Klendath, the Galactic Consortium also came into conflict with a rival faction: The United Citizen's Federation or FedGov. Can two regimes exist in the same sector of space? Of course not.

Soldiers of the Fed
The United Citizens Federation: The ruling government of the Ares Sector. The UCF is a humano-centric, totalitarian regime that has a heavy-handed control in the outlying worlds of the sector. From their capital world of Gorth to Zagama to even the contested planet of Klendath, the FedGov views itself as the caretaker and guardian of humanity. Unlike the Consortium, which bows to Supreme Lord Adlar, the FedGov controlled by the council's voted leader: The Sky Marshal. Sky Marshal Meru is the currently leader and director of Federation resources to resist Insectus incursion and Consortium intervention.

Tools of the Federation


Scout Armor
-2 [+2]
Gives a bonus or Advantage in Stealth rolls due to camouflage.
Combat Armor
-4 [+4]
Standard combat armor for FedGov troops.

Assorted Weapons

Assault Rifle
ROF: 2
ROF: 1
Missile Launcher
Explosive: Save for ½ damage.

Even more random and clumsier than a laser. An inelegant weapon.
Role of the Players

-With the Consortium and the Federation fighting for control of the region, rebellions have now began to spring up against the FedGov's rule. These include such group as the Iron Guard (pro-Consortium rebels who believe in Adlar's promises of peace and freedom from this tyranny) to the Wreckers (pro-anarchist group that just wishes to sew chaos in the region) to the Falcons (pro-democracy group that is serving the causes of the grand rebellion). Player's can take the role of one of these rebel groups, outer or inner sector mercenaries playing off either side, or units of Consortium of Federation troops cutoff and having to fend themselves.

Sedition Rebel (Mercenary Alterations)

-Before the coming of the Consortium you've been fighting against the United Citizens Federation as you've seen their constant blunders are designed to purposefully perpetuate the war with the Insectus in order to remain in power. You gain the following traits along with being a Mercenary.

-Bonus Skill: Knowledge (Ares Sector; Intelligence) You get a 2-in-6 (+1 with high Intelligence) to identify planets, facts, and cities within the Ares Sector. You can use this knowledge to try and find safehouses or perhaps weapon caches.

-Weapon Training (Firearms): Energy technology is not quite at the same stages as in other sectors. You have long been trained in the use of the assault rifle, slugthrower rifle, pistol, and slugthrower pistol that you gain a +1 to Attack & Damage when using these weapons.

A Selection of NPC's

FedGov Trooper

AC: 5 [14]
HD: 2+2
AB: +3
Attacks: Assault Rifle (RoF: 2; 1d6+1), Pistol (RoF: 1; 1d6), Grenade x3 (2d6+2)
Saving Throw: 16
Special: None
Movement: 12

-Above is the stats for the average FedGov trooper. They typically use swarm or combine force with land vehicles such as walkers or air power to attack an area. Few FedGov work with energy weapons as the FedGov generally produces and offers firearms and slugthrowers to fight with. Veteran Troopers use the same stats, but should gain hit dice.

Fed Psi-Op Interrogates a Brain Bug

AC: 7 [12]
HD: 4
AB: +4
Attacks: Pistol (RoF: 1; 1d6)
Saving Throw: 15
Special: Psionics
Movement: 12

-Experimentation into the Human mind has allowed the FedGov to grow a batch of Psi-Ops capable of using abilities such as Read Minds for targets within 60 ft. They are also capable of using abilities such as Psychic Blast which can be used every round and deals 1d6 damage to a target within 60 ft. At the GM's discretion a Psi-Op might have other Gifts or Meditations to use in their arsenal.

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