Monday, July 24, 2017

Breachworld: Queequeg, Aquatic Machine Man

Queequeg Model #2244
Breachworld Character

Name: Queequeg Model #2244, aka: Queeg or Queequeg

Move: 15 / 30 (Swimming)


Might: 3D
Agility: 3D+1
Wit: 4D+1
Charm: 2D

Skills: Swimming: 6D+1, Knife: 4D; Pole-arm: 4D, Navigate: 5D+1, Search: 6D+1, Rifle: 4D, Marine Biology 7D+1, Dodge: 4D

Static: Block: 9; Parry: 9 / 12 (Spear or Knife); Dodge: 12; Soak: 15 (+6 - Reinforced Diving Apparatus)

Knife: +1D (4D); Spear: +2D (5D), Penetration: 2; Speargun: 4D+1 R: Far (Water), Near (Land), Penetration: 2; Brawl: 3D

Perks: Swimming, Major; Recall; Quick Study / Complications: Soulless

-Queegqueg Model #2244 (or Queeg, as he's affectionately nicknamed) is an Aquatic Machine Man unit operating in what is known as the 'Drowned Region' which encompasses what was once Florida, Puerto Rico, and Cuba during the golden age. What was once tropical paradise has been reduced to ruins jutting from the waves, submarines, and coastal towns of northern Florida and Southern Georgia along with islands.

-Queeg was either developed by a Golden Age tech company for undersea exploration or had crossed over from one of the breach portals into the world. It is confirmed that he was discovered and agreed to work for BRAC Squad: Epsilon aboard their mobile submarine unit to try and close the Bimini Breach.

-Allies include BRAC (Breach Research and Closure) Epsilon Squadron. Adventurers and mercenaries who arrive in Driftport looking for work, the civil authority of Troy, Georgia, now sitting on the coast between Georgia and the drowned region.

-Enemies that often conflict with Queeg and the Epsilon Squadron include breach xenos, including many a sea monster that has swam through Bimini. Pirate gangs like the Kingston Skulls, the Red Star Line, and Resistance back cutter "Pelican Bay" often plague the area and disrupt whatever semblance of order and safety for both xenos and humans who dwell in the Drowned Region.


For more information on the Drowned Lands, you can read about it here: Drowned Region

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