Sunday, July 16, 2017

My Cinematic Universe

I'm kind of torn about buying material like campaign settings and fluff nowadays. Some of it's good, and I certainly appreciate when settings give me ideas for stuff, like the Giff from Spelljammer, or Warforge from Eberron. But a lot of campaign material I find has a lot of fluff or things that I kind of glaze over. Yeah, Al-Qadim looks kind of neat, but I'm not sure if I'd be interested in a campaign focused specifically on fantasy Persia, probably because that isn't quite what I'm interested in. So, after kind of mulling over what I may like or not like to purchase and use, I sat down and thought what stuff would exist in my own campaign/cinematic universe. 

The Free City; The Island of Rebels; Bastardburg

Brief: Scarabae  is an island-city state located near the center west of the Known World. It holds its beliefs in personal freedom, welcoming immigrants, and eschewing rigid law-and-order for just vigilantism very seriously. For the common man, living in Scarabae is both a challenge and a dream to escape dreary borders of the world. To civilized, oppressive nations, Scarabae is an enemy and a target that needs to be destroyed. Not that the city is a pure utopia, crime is common and the self-made lords of wealth will bend what little rule there is to their whim. At least the beleaguered populace can look to adventurers to set things right and settle scores. Almost all of the Arcana have an official shrine, temple or ashram in the island, the only one despised and truly disallowed to worship only is worship dedicated to the Devil. Other then that, no matter the race, one can find opportunity in Scarabae.

The Freeholds of Kyna
The Borderlands; the Faldis State

Brief: The Borderlands, as it is often known, is situated in the north and west of Scarabae and is the result of a brief destructive war between Kyna's neighbors: The Empire of the Sun and the Kingdom of the Moon. The Borderlands, which is the common port of entry for immigrants, is the buffer state between the two more regimented government. In the Borderlands, much like Scarabae, many races can find opportunity that they could not find either in either the Kingdom or the Empire. Unlike Scarabae, the active cold war between the nation regions spills over a lot more than it does in the Free City. Where Scarabae only sees spies, the Freeholds see forces skirmish. Faldis is the native home to the Minotaur, many of whom immigrate to either Scarabae or to the Western Frontier.

Ulgrotha, The East

Brief: Situated to the distant west of Scarabae is the region known as Ulgrotha or commonly known as the Homelands. Here, the powers such as the Mage, Justice, and the Empiress go by names such as Feroz, Serra, & Anaba. The living power known as the Autumn Willow and the folk of An-Havva that fall under her protection stand against the depredations of Baron Sengir and his followers in the darklands. Opportunity exists, particularly those who wish to fight monstrosities in the darklands or those eager to see the grand forests of Ulgrotha, but not everyone makes this journey. The Sea Clan Dwarves have a major interest in Ulgrotha's islands and harbors.

The West, Ghostwise Lands

Brief: The Wild Frontier, also simply known as The West borders Scarabae and borders south of Kyna. The West is known for its rolling plains, grasslands, hills, and mountains. It is an unclaimed land, with city-states popping up rather than a fully formed nation. City-states such as Falconhurst, Oleander, & Far Watch dot the land. Travelers who wish to leave the squalor of Scarabae can certainly make a living as settlers and explorers of this new land, but it isn't for everyone. Ghostwise Halfling tribes are known to harass, attack, and raid any outsider location. Monsters, some long quelled in civilized lands, run rampant throughout Frontier. Ruins in the islands interior suggest perhaps there is grand riches, but dire dangers traveling there.

There are perhaps more to come, more to see.

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