Monday, July 31, 2017

Power Word: Barrier

I decided to skip Banish as I feel that is a self-explanatory power. How many more trappings can you have where you make Monster X go back to Plane Y. Instead, we move to one loaded for trappings: Barrier. Let's take a look at what the trappings can do for Barrier, but first, let's see some general stuff that is given by Barrier.

Rank: Seasoned
Cost: 1/section
Range: Smarts
Duration: 3 (1/round)

Brief: Barrier creates a 1 inch section of wall that blocks ease of path by a character. This barrier has a Toughness of 10 and does not grant bonus dice to damage for raised attacks. Opponents can sometimes climb over walls at typically a -2 and if the wall can damage opponents (such as fire) the damage is 2d4.

Now, let's see some trappings.

Wall of Force
Effect: A Wall of force creates a semi-transparent barrier with a slight shimmer of force energy. This energy barrier is difficult to break through as force leaves very little solid matter for a sword or spell to strike. Physical attacks or attacks that use Force energy (such as Magic Missiles) suffer a -2 or -4 with a raise to strike this barrier. Dispel works best to get through this wall.

Blade Barrier
Effect: This barrier is made up of fast moving, spinning knives that slash and cut any who try to cross the barrier. Targets who wish to go through must make an Agility roll at -2 or -4 if the caster has cast with a Raise. Targets who fail are pushed back and take 2d4 damage. Targets who roll a 1 on their Agility die, regardless of Wild Die, make it through on a successful Wild Die but also take 2d4 damage as they were cut crossing. Food can also be thrown through to effectively slice and dice items, something to catch diced food is advised.

Illusionary Wall
Effect: This isn't so much a wall, but an illusion of a wall that works on the idea that belief is what gives its solid form to serve as a barrier. Appearing as a wall made of translucent green energy, the Illusionary Wall requires disbelief in order to pass through it with ease. Targets who wish to disbelieve must make a Smarts -2 (or -4 with a Raise). Those who succeed successfully disbelieve the wall can walk through with ease. The weakness of this wall is that as one target disbelieves, others will follow. A target who successfully disbelieves grants a +2 bonus to their compatriots.

A target who rolls a 1 on their Smarts die, regardless of Wild Die, suffers a fatigue point due to a headache induced by trying to disbelieve the illusionary wall. I mean, who makes a wall out of an illusion? How is that even possible... I need... pills.

Wall of Ice
Effect: This creates a nice solid and opaque barrier that one puts between them and their pursuers. Targets who wish to climb an ice wall must do so at an Agility of -2 or -4 depending if the caster got a raise. Targets who roll a 1 on their Agility die slip and crack some part of their body on the barrier (GM's are encouraged to choose a spot that hits the barrier. The writer isn't suggesting that the face always slams against a wall, but you could collect a lot of teeth that wall). Cracking one's body part against a solid wall deals 2d4 and puts them back on the ground in a daze. The Wall of Ice can also be chipped off to cool down drinks, making it very appreciated at parties.


  1. I feel there's something missing. Like, I dunno, Wall of Zombies?

    Wall of Zombies
    Effect: This necromantic spell creates a barrier out of the living dead. Targets to close to the wall, trying to climb on the wall or go through it have to roll Agility -4 or suffer a 2d6 damage from claws and bites.
    Special: The spell doesn't work indoors or on the rocky ground.

    Something like that.

    1. Looks great. I would also say that it doesn't work on 'holy ground' or areas consecrated. Perhaps grant a bonus to the caster if they are on desecrated ground.