Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Power Word: Prismatic Spray!

Background: Considered one of the supreme versions first charted by the arcanists who created Burst, the Prismatic Spray is considered something of a reward for casters who have proven themselves worthy to their masters, or at least lucky casters who discovered this during their hunt for treasures and find a spellbook. Though this power is connected to Burst, Prismatic Spray can only be learned at Veteran (with significant penalty). Most casters of this spell are Heroic or Legendary ranked casters. The prerequisite for this spell requires one to have the Burst power as it forms the basis of this spell.

Prismatic Spray
Prerequisite Power: Burst
Rank: Veteran
Cost: 4
Range: Cone
Duration: Instant

Brief: Casting this spell a player places the thin end of the cone facing them and points the far end of the cone towards the area they cast. Targets within the cone's range must make an Agility save vs. the Caster's roll. Targets caught in the spray must roll a 1d8 and suffer one of the following effects.

1 - Red: Target takes 2d10 Fire damage. On a Raise, instead of extra damage, the target must roll a d6 for fire check. On a 5 or 6 they have caught on fire and continue to burn as per normal fire rules.

2 - Orange: Target takes 2d10 Acid damage. On a raise, instead of extra damage, the target takes 2d8 damage the next round on their turn due to acidic burns unless anti-acid is applied to the wounds via a Healing spell or Heal skill check with proper equipment.

3 - Yellow: Target takes 2d10 Electrical damage. On a raise, instead of extra damage, the target is at -2 Parry until their next action.

4 - Green: Target must make a Vigor roll or become poisoned (Lethal; -2). On a raise, instead of extra damage, the Vigor roll increases to (Lethal; -4). Failure means the target will die in 2d6 rounds unless anti-toxin or healing spells are applied to the target (perhaps with a dramatic task to save their ally).

5 - Blue: Target takes 2d10 Cold damage. On a raise, instead of extra damage, the target suffers from the effects of Slow for 3 rounds.

6 - Indigo: Target must make a Vigor (-2)  save or be turned to stone. On a raise, instead of extra damage, the save becomes Vigor (-4)

7 - Violet: Target must make a Vigor (-2) or become blind for 3 rounds. On a Raise, instead of damage, the target must make a Vigor (-4) or be teleported to a different dimension. Dimension destination can be determined by a card draw as shown below.

8 - Scintillating: Target is struck by 2 beams and suffer normal damage from both (roll beam damage separately). On a raise, instead of damage, the target suffers the Raised version of both beams. Target determines beams by rolling twice, ignoring any future 8's that come up.

Planar Destination Table

Neutral Planes: Planes of conflict, law, and chaos that generally aren't the best place to be, unless you're into wandering the outer planes. There is work and adventure to be had, but it might be awhile before your character shows without the party working to locate and travel to them.
Elemental Planes: Ranges from the grand four (Earth, Air, Fire, & Water) but can also include planes such as Ice, Lava, Mud, or Dust. The Elemental Planes are sometimes okay to live in, the characters might even bump into friendly dwellers who can help them. There are others that one might hope said victim has a Elemental Adaption spell handy.
Positive Planes: From the shores of Celestia, the golden fields of Elysium, or the grand plains of the Beastlands, the player has arrived on a positive plane. They might be met by talking animals or celestials who wish to help. Such a plane, for a character who is noble, or at least good, could be a nice spot to retire too.
Negative Planes: The character has arrived in dark twisting nether of the negative planes. Planes of undeath, demonic abyss, or hellish outworlds are all that are in store for this planar traveler. Even a player of unsavory character may best beware, just because you think you're bad doesn't mean these fiends will give pause.
The Portal Bar & Grill: Some claim at the center of the multiverse lies a city, some believe there lies some creature of entropy, but the wisest know that at the center lies that universal truth: a nice quiet bar where someone can grab a drink. The Portal Bar & Grill sort of sits adrift in the astral. It's a place where demons and angels have a drink before making their way back home. It's a place where any door that leads out (there are several) are actually portals to take you somewhere else. Be nice to the lady at the bar and know that prices are reasonable.

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