Friday, July 14, 2017

Savage Worlds: Weapons of Magical Destruction

I've been slow as of late to get some role-playing material together. So, for this post, I wanted to take some time to talk about some magical items from I2: Tomb of the Lizard King and how they might work in Savage Worlds.

Javelin of Lightning
Base Damage: Str + d6
Magic Bonus: +1 Attack / +1 Damage
Range: 4/8/12
Skill: Thrown
Special: Created by the Skyward Aarakocra clan, a Javelin of Lightning shows its true talent when thrown. On a raise, the Javelin become a bolt of lightning that strikes the target for Strength+2d6+1 points of damage (Electrical). Targets in conducive conditions, such as wearing predominately metal or standing in water must make a Vigor save or become fatigued as they are heavily shocked.

Javelin of Piercing
Base Damage: Str+d6
Magic Bonus: +2 Attack
Range: 4/8/12
Skill: Thrown
Special: Another set of Javelins that were, again, created by Aarakocra for the purposes of hunting or bringing down heavily armored enemies on the ground. A Javelin of Piercing has both a +2 in Attack and AP 3. Despite its look like as a mere, or only well made javelin, this weapon shows both its sharpness and impact power when it punches through most mundane armors.

Sword of the Wild Fight (Partly Cursed Weapon)
Base Damage: Str+d8
Magic Bonus: +2/+3 Attack/Damage
Range: Melee
Skill: Fighting
Special: This vicious looking scimitar has an Orcish warlord's spirit trapped within. The blade gives an impressive +2/+3 to hit, but with a cost. The bloodlust of the Orc has not been quenched and he dislikes waiting for plans to come to fruition, especially when there are enemies on the field that need to be killed. Targets who wield this sword must beware not to fall sway to such a love of battle. There are three stages of control.

Initial contact with the enemy: Spirit save. On a failure the user will strike out at the enemy, regardless of plan or situation. They will make their way at maximum possible speed, going the shortest accessible route possible (meaning they won't wade through lava to get to the enemy, but they will break a phalanx line to get to slashing).

On a failure the player gains a 'Fight' token. They are now at a -2 to Spirit saves to resist the lust to battle.

On a 2nd failure they gain a second 'Fight' token. At this point the user will break ranks automatically and launch into the fray. Little, save for magical effects or divine intervention will stop them until the enemy is driven off or enemies are slain.

Characters spend a day resting and avoiding fighting can make a Spirit check (-2) to reduce their 'Fight' tokens to a minimum of 0.

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