Friday, July 28, 2017


The Tortle

Brief: Tortles are reptilian-humanoids that resemble large turtles with bipedal locomotion. Their harden skin tone ranges from shades of dark or light green to shades of light brown. They have flat heads that narrow to a beak towards the face with a pair of dark holes jutting from the top. Some Tortles train in martial arts, specifically using their beaks as a striking weapon, these Tortles are known as the Order of the Snapper.


Tough: Begins play with D6 Vigor

Armored: Their hardened skin and thick shell on their back provides excellent +2 Natural Armor bonus.

Darkvision: A Tortle can see up to 60 ft. in total darkness, albeit in a grayscale.

Very Slow: Tortles move slow, not just Dwarven slow, they move very slow. They have a pace of 4 and a run die of d4.

Clumsy: Not only are Tortles are slow, but their reflexes are also ponderous. At character creation it costs 2 points to raise Agility.

Semi-Aquatic: Tortles can stay underwater for 15 minutes without having to roll for drowning. They gain +2 to Swim checks.

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