Monday, August 21, 2017

Kill 'em with Kindness... or at least with Garrote Wire.

Item: Weapon
Brief: Garroting is the method of strangulation, specifically with an implement and in this case some form of wire or cord going around the neck. The construction of such a wire ranges in genre and era and can range from a length of cord between two wooden handles, a thin carbon wire, to a monofilament wire in the science fiction world. The rough stats are below.

Garrote Wire

Strangulation: Garrote wire is typically used in combination with the 'Drop' and is made with a grappling called shot to the throat. On a success, the target has the wire around their neck and is unable to make any vocal sound due to constriction. On a raise, the wire is around the throat and the target is already shaken.

Garrotes add +2 to the assassins grapple checks which either use brute strength or quick reflexes to tighten the weapon around the neck. As per grapple rules the victim may attempt to break out, in doing so they also must also roll a Vigor check in order to catch their breath. If the assassin wins the grapple they may roll Str+d4 damage (plus any modifiers such as magic or high-tech material the wire may be made out of).

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