Thursday, August 17, 2017

Monster: Aboleth


Brief: Lurking in Underdark caves, rivers, and even oceans is the terrible Aboleth. The best that Sages can offer is that the Aboleth were either a primordial being from some undoubtedly chaotic age when wicked things roamed the world, or a dimensional creature that traveled to prime material to plague mortals before being driven into reached of the Underdark. Either case, Aboleths hate everything, they are not too terribly fond of each and are able to lay eggs without intercourse with their species. Their flesh tends to be blue-gray or blue-black with a pinkish underbelly, three red eyes, a fluke for aquatic speed, and tentacles to help move it along the ground. Aboleths like to sometimes beach themselves and watch their stable/larder of mind controlled slaves. When hungry, an Aboleth will infect one of their slaves with the greasy film on their tentacles which turns mortal flesh into a soft, translucent membrane. The person is left helpless and in agony before the Aboleth decides to slurp them down. Aboleth will sometimes make deals with Underdark denizens, such as Drow or Duergar: Slaves for treasure the Aboleth has collected or answering some esoteric question that the other races might have.

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d12, Strength d12+3, Vigor d12
Skills: Climb d8, Fighting d0, Intimidate d10, Knowledge (History) d10, Notice d10, Psionics d10, Swimming d12,
Traits: Pace: 3 / 10 (Swimming) / Parry: 7 / Toughness: 12; Size: +4 (Large +2 to Hit); Charisma: -4
Specials: Darkvision, Imp. Frenzy, AB: Psionics, Mucus Cloud, Slime, Aquatic

Tentacles: Str+d6 S: Slime: When an Aboleth strikes a target with exposed skins or in soft armor (such as leathers) the target must make a Vigor (-2) check. On a failure, the target's stricken area becomes a translucent membrane that must be kept moist with cold water or the target suffers a Fatigue. Upon Incapacitation the target is slain and degenerates into a pool of mucous. A Healing power applied in the first hour can be used to counteract the state, after the first 2 hours a Greater Healing Spell or potion is required.

Psionics (Power Points: 15): Powers includes examples such as: Bolt, Stun, Confuse, Puppet - Trappings for powers such as Bolt are typically Acid.

Mucous Cloud (1 per 2 hours): A swimming Aboleth may eject a cloud of inky mucous that acts as the Obscure power in a Large Burst Template area. Seeing as Aboleths live in dark, murky places, the penalty is typically -8 to normal humanoid vision.

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