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Savage Blackmoor: Races of the North

Savage Blackmoor

The Races of the North

Map of the North
We once again look to the North for today's post. While Mini Six is a fine system, my gaming group, and to an extent my heart belongs to Savage Worlds. I would say it is my favorite of gaming systems to cover several topics, including the fantasy genre. So when I'm in the mood to take in Dave Arneson's 'Blackmoor' - especially as a Savage Worlds setting, I use some of these racial templates below.


Brief: Dwarves of the North include brown haired Hill Dwarves and fair haired Mountain Dwarves that typically dwell in the Regency of the Minds and Mount Uberstar. They do not falter from their reputation as being a tough, practical people. Though in most cases, all of the major Dwarven clans are united under the command of the Regent of the Minds. Given how plentiful in ore Mount Uberstar yields, Dwarves a very influential in the North Region. Dwarves get along best with their distant cousin, Gnomes, the Cumasti Elves, and the Thonian Humans. They have little dealings with the Peshwah or even the Cumasti. They have a very negative view of Orcs.

Dwarven Traits

Tough: Begins play with D6 Vigor
Slow: Dwarven Pace is 5

Darkvision: Dwarves can see in total darkness up to 60 ft. (12 squares) albeit in a grayscale.

Suggested Edges Include: Arcane Resistance, Brawny, Arcane Background (Faith; Runecaster), Rich, Liquid Courage

Elf, Cumasti

Brief: Cumasti make up a majority of the Elven people and, to Blackmoorians, are considered the mainstream of Elven culture. Cumasti looks are said to be 'hauntingly beautiful' with fair colored hair and a paleness to their skin regardless of tone. They have sharp ears and a soft luminescence to their eyes. This branch of Elvendom dwell in the eastern portions of the North, forming the majority of their court in the Elven Forest as well as the minor forests of Blackmoor. Past difficulties with Humanity helped split the Elves into the Cumasti and the Westryn clans.

Elven Traits

Intelligent: Begins play with d6 Smarts

Frail: Their willowy build leaves much to be desired. They have a -1 Toughness.

Low Light Vision: Cumasti eyes adjust very quickly to twilight, starlight, and other low light conditions. They halve vision penalties (rounded down) due to bad lighting.

Keen Senses: Begins play with a d6 Notice.

Suggested Edges Include: Arcane Background (Magic), Alertness, Attractive, Noble

 Elf, Half-Elf

Brief: Half-Elves are descended from 'relationships' between the Cumasti branch and Humanity. This is because the Westryn branch cannot have children with any other groups besides Elves in what might some call a curse and some very puritanical members might call a blessing. A life for a Half-Elf can be difficult. They stand out with either parent and are sometimes treated as stand outs. Fortunately, it's a big world out there for Half-Elves to adventure in. Their looks tend to be a mix of their parents, but they do tend to have a thicker build like a Human and a soft pallor to their skin like an Elf.

Half-Elven Traits

Talent: Begins play with a free Edge

Low Light Vision: LIke their Cumasti Parents, Half-Elves have eyes that adjust quick to low light conditions. They halve penalties (rounded down) due to bad lighting.

Distinct Appearance: Most Thonians and Cumasti are rather cosmopolitan and easy going that Half-Elves are not truly disliked or treated as a complete, hostile outsider. However, Half-Elves do have a distinct appearance that is hard for them to cover up. They suffer a -2 to Hide their traits, which could be a bane to them if they are in lands or areas that are less welcoming to Elves.

Elf, Westryn

Brief: Forming the other half of Elvendom. With dark eyes, fierce looks, and often a scowl at the world are the Westryn. What started out as a split due to disagreements of Human interaction, the Westryn were a people cursed by their Queen to be unable to produce with any other race except for other Elves. This lead to the Westryn, who maintain smaller holdings in the Westwood, to adopt a policy of isolation. To many, it is death to enter the Westwood without a good reason and some kind of tribute. Westryn Elves typically have darker hair colors, tan skin, and a thicker build compared to their Cumasti cousins. This they attribute to a harsher life fighting off the denizens of the Dismal swamp compared to the soft living Cumasti.

Westryn Traits

Agile: Begins play with d6 Agility

Low Light Vision: Westryn begin play with sharp eyes that adjust quickly to twilight, torchlight, and moonlight. They halve all penalties (rounded down) due to bad lighting.

Haughty: Westryn have an isolationist policy and unbecoming attitude. To most any race, except for other Westryn, these Elves suffer a -2 Charisma.

Sharp Senses: Begins play with a d6 Notice.

Suggested Edges: Quick, Fleet-Footed, Ambidextrous, Alertness, Arcane Background (Faith; Druidism/Shamanism)


Brief: Gnomes are the distant cousin of Dwarves. They are smaller, with a sharper mind for abstract concepts that make them great tinkerers over their practical kin. Gnomes, like Hill Dwarves, typically have a darker shade to their skin compared to fair skinned Mountain Dwarves. Gnomes tend to have hair colors such as dark blond, red, or light brown with eye colors that are blue, cerulean, or hazel. Gnomes range from nomadic wanderers, to settlers in the Regent of Mines and Mount Uberstar.

Gnome Traits

Smart: Begins play with d6 Smarts.

Low Light Vision: Gnome eyes are not as night piercing as Dwarves, but they are sharp. They halve penalties (rounded down) due to bad lighting.

Small: Due to their size Gnomes suffer a -1 Toughness.

Tinkerer: Begins play with a d6 Repair.

Suggested Edges: Arcane Background (Weird Science; Tinker), Arcane Background (Magic), Fast Healer, Luck, Scavenger


Brief: Halflings of the North represent the Eastern half of the North. They are known for their dark hair colors, fair skin, small builds with thick frames. Halflings are known for a greater portion of hair on their feet, but the idea that they just want to walk around barefooted is something of a silly notion- given the amount of slimy places found in the North. Halflings are a wandering folk, but do have major communities in cities such as Ramshead, Booh, and Blackmoor.

Halfling Traits

Spirited: Begins play with d6 Spirit

Small: -1 Toughness due to size.

Lucky: Begins play with the Luck edge.

Suggested Edges: Arcane Background (Faith; Druidism), Brave, Ambidextrous, Great Luck


Brief: Docrae are the haunted cousins of Halfling. Once a peaceful folk, the depredations of the callous Afridhi. As Docrae migrated from their ancestral homes to escape enslavement and abuse, they vowed never to be taken advantage of. Docrae are dark haired, much like their Halfling cousins. Warriors who have proven themselves will braid their hair as a sign of their accomplishments in battle. Docrae have a harder time fitting in with other races, even with their kin, the Halflings pleasant manner. The bitter years often weigh on the hearts of even the most open-minded Docrae. Still, they are stalwart allies against the enemies of the free peoples.

Docrae Traits

Small: Begins play with -1 Toughness due to size.

Agile: Begins play with d6 Agility.

Alertness: Due to their experiences, Docrae are always alert. They have a penchant for light sleeping and shifting eyes. They begin play with the Alertness edge.

Suggested Edges: Danger Sense, Quick, Fleet-Footed, Brave, Ambidextrous

Humanity, Peshwah

Brief: The Peshwah are a branch of Humanity that are known to roam across the three Hak plains (Plains, High, and Eastern Hak). Once a peaceful people, conflict with the Afridhi branch of Humanity have molded them into a fierce warrior race. Most Peshwah emphasize mobile hit-and-run tactics from horseback. Some of the finest spear and bowmen descend from the Peshwah. Their skin tends towards tanner shades compared to the other branch of Humanity, the Thonian. They are also known to have dark hair and brown or grey colored eyes.

Peshwah Traits

Talent: Begins play with a free Novice Edge.

Rider: Begins play with a d6 Riding

Suggested Edges: Beast Bond (Horse), Arcane Background (Faith; Shamanism), Steady Hands, Quick

Humanity, Thonian

Brief: Thonians are typically the descendants of the first immigrants who arrived from Thonia proper to the North. The concept of a High Thonian descends from the original nobility that founded the realms of the North, but little else is distinct about them from other Thonians (despite what some propaganda might say...). Thonians are typically fair skinned and fair haired, with a few exceptions of darker haired specimens and several types who are shaded due to exposure to the sun. Thonians are often suited to city life compared to the Peshwah.

Thonian Traits

Talent: Begins play with a free Novice Edge.

Persuasive: Begins play with a d6 in Persuasion

Suggested Edges: Charismatic, Noble (High Thonian), Rich, Attractive, Filthy Rich (High Thonian), Brawny, Linguist


Brief: To many, Orcs are viewed as a warlike race that are too hot-blooded to truly be welcomed in the world. Years of raids and invasion into the North have left bitterness on both sides, with only the recent Afridhi invasion that forced the factions of Orcs and the allied races together serving as any sort of catalyst of peace in the North. How long that peace shall last, none can say. For now, several bands of Orcs who have observed the laws have managed to eek an existence in the lands outside of badlands or mountains. Some of these Orcs have managed to become adventurers. Orcs have green skin and dark hair with red, yellow, or sometimes purple eyes- the latter denoting some kind of magical energy about them.

Orc Traits

Strong: Begins play with d6 Strength.

Darkvision: Orcs can see in total darkness up to 60 ft. (12 squares). Like others with Darkvision, Orcs in this condition can only see in a grayscale.

Outsider: While the current tide of conflict have brought the Orcs and Allied Races together, this is a very reluctant course to take. Orcs who now try to make a life in foreign lands are often treated with hostility. Orcs who are not accompanied by other adventurers can expect harassment and possibly a lack of service unless their companions are well known, well liked, or well feared. If this is a starting party, that is probably not going to be the case.

Suggested Edges: Brave, Brawny, Berserk, Liquid Courage, Fast Healer, Arcane Background (Faith; Shamanism)

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