Sunday, August 27, 2017

Savage Spelljammer: Aartuk


Captain Dawnstar's quill was the pride in his collection of objects across the spheres. The wild red plumage, gifted by a Couatl had a sharp point at the end that he dipped into and wrote into the log.
"Sighted the Arrow Wing 'Solnari's Pride' yesterday evening near an uncharted green moon. Lookouts and scrying probe noted that the ship was infested with leafy green vegetation. Scrying also revealed a life form that could blend with the foliage move through the decks. Before breaking the link the cloaked scrying orb managed to look into the pilot house. The helmsman powering the ship was breathing, but appeared to have several vines pierce his skins. I feared the worst, I cut the link and ordered our ship into attack."

Brief: Aartuks are considered a hostile creature in Wild Space. Their domains range from forest worlds, where Aartuk's green and brown flesh blends well as vegetation, while the desert dwelling Aartuk tend to have brown and gray flesh to hide among the shrubs and soils. All Aartuk are capable of two modes of attack. Each carries two sack appendages that can gestate and fire hardened, thorny pellets that can punch through armor and skin. Their second mode of attack is to use their sticky tongues to grapple a target and draw the victim in close so that their thorn covered arms can wrap around and slice the victim up. Aartuk are also known to take over ships and use a method of vine control, another item produced by their arm sacks, to slip into a helmsman and control the poor victim like a puppet and marionette. The Aartuk's reasons to control ships are difficult to understand, they do seem to favor Elven vessels, whose nature of being 'grown' seem to be conducive to Aartuk's vines and photosynthetic slush they spew on the ship.

The Aartuk

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d10, Vigor d8 
Skills: Climb d6+2, Fighting d8, Notice d6+2, Shooting d8, Stealth d6
Traits: Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 9 (+2 - Hardened Flesh); Size: +1
Specials: Fire Vulnerable: On a raise, fire based attacks add +4 damage; Aartuk have a major fear of fire; Camouflage: Gains +2 Stealth when in its native environment that it can blend in with.

Thorn Pellet (6/12/24): 2d6 - It takes 1 round to gestate a new pellet. An Aartuk has two separate sack appendages so it can fire once per round. A called shot can slice the appendage off.

Tongue (Reach: 1): Can grapple using their tongue. On a raise, the target is Shaken and enmeshed in the sticky fluid. On a successful Grapple check the next round the Aartuk can drag the target to it and begin to wrap its vines around the target. If the Aartuk is trying to kill the target, their vines deal Str+d6 damage. An Aartuk can also make an attack to slip in probing vines into the body and brainwash the body with a Smarts vs. Smarts check (-2 to the victim due to a combination of pain and chemicals the Aartuk pumps into them).

Thorny Vine (Reach 1): Str+d6 - Very rarely used, but even giant plant men get desperate.

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