Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Savage Worlds: Kender (with some modifications...)

Brief: Kender are a race of small humanoids from the area known as 'Kendermore' on Ansaslon. They are described as a short boned race with hair coloring that includes shades of red, blond, black, or dark blonde. They are known for a natural resistance to fear, a sharp tongue used for taunting, and a curiosity that at times can be overbearing. Propaganda placed out against the Kender depict them as creatures who are incapable of understanding the concept of personal property- this is a gross exaggeration. While Kender are attracted to shiny things, they are very aware that most people don't really care for anyone to simply take their stuff. Kender have the following stats:

Small: Kender are smalled boned and have a slight build. They have a -1 Toughness.

Curious: Kender are very, very afflicted with wanderlust. And while previously mentioned exaggerations if kleptomania are common, shiny things do catch their eye. People who leave their equipment of valuables unattended can find a Kender playing with said objects and require being warned off. Kender begin play with the Curious hindrance.

Agile: Kender are very adroit. They begin play with d6 Agility.

Brave: Kender have natural resistance to common or supernatural fear. They begin play with the Brave edge.

Keen Ears: Kender have sharp ears. They gain a +2 bonus when making audio based Notice checks.

 Sharp Tongue: Kender are known to be the masters of taunting opponents into anger and making mistakes. A Kender begins play with a d6 in the Taunt skill.

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