Friday, August 11, 2017

Scarabae: Intelligence Services For Hire!

Scarabae is the island of opportunity, where even the intelligence field has many takers. Below are a couple of independent intelligence organizations that can prospective agents could serve, compete, or fight against.

Gnomish Special Services (G.S.S.)
Symbol: The Scrying Stone
Specialty: Information gathering, artificer work, scrying

Reputation: A group of small humanoids who listen to everything and then stab you in the back with it.

Brief: Despite their name of the G.S.S. the modern day Special Services share the Scarabae nature of being very liberal in their hiring policies. Halflings, Kobolds, Ratfolk, Goblins, and Kenku make up the ranks. The main insistence is using small, unobtrusive folk to fulfill the goal of the G.S.S.: information gathering. The service employs all manner of listening devices, from scrying stones to wands of clairaudience pointed at a conversation. The Service is known to do so under a contract basis with other intelligence services or for their own gain. Given the arcane nature of the Services, the Court of Wands often employs them for counter surveillance and sometimes digging up embarrassing information on people deemed troublesome by the Court.

Section Ensorcell
Symbol: Shield with an Arcane Symbol
Specialty: Enchantment, wet work, entrapment

Reputation: Best way to make a double agent is to ensnare them in the webs of the Ensorcell. Should not be taken lightly.

Brief: Section Ensorcell aka 'The Section' started much like the Gnomish Special Services, in that they tended towards information gathering rather than action. Their methods were different, enchanting agents to serve them with beauty and magic over scrying stones and wands, but the overall effect was the same - dig dirt on people and use it at the behest of their client. The Section has morphed to something at times rather nefarious. They follow the money, rather than having any overall loyalty to the city that houses their secret headquarters. Agents of other groups have found themselves under the tender mercies of the Section, not because someone hired them to do so, but rather for the Section to gather information to be used at a later date. The Ensorcell is known for employing Elves, Tieflings, Humans, Half-Elves and some Dragonborn. They emphasize a pretty face to get in close with agents and tangle their victims emotions to further spin the web. The Section have been known to work out deals when their agents have been caught in order to get their people released- who can turn down such possible information?

The Mithril Order
Symbol: A Silvery Hammer
Specialty: Commandos

Reputation: A group of commandos that are often used when force is a distinct possibility. These men and women are not the scalpel precision of an agent. Commandos are the broadsword that cuts deep, gets out, and keeps their mouths shut.

Brief: Founded as a mercenary company that prided itself on hit-and-run tactics. The Mithril Order has evolved into a commando service for the pleasure of a Court or individual who needs muscle in, out, and not boasting about victory in the mead hall. The Order, while started by Dwarves, employs a number of martial races as their commando forces. These units pride themselves above all else in their professionalism and their ability to quietly pick off targets, right up until the moment they need to go all in on the raid. The Order not only trains warriors but sniper teams, scouts, and knife experts. Guns are banned from the order as being too noisy, instead the organization prides itself on its crossbow skills in taking out targets. The Order finds suitable work when the Court of Swords needs heavy muscle to raid a location - like a pirate base, a mastermind's lair, or a Guild's Hall without events leaking out to the press.

The Cloak of Vol
Symbol: The Red Skull
Specialty: Supernatural investigation, secret police

Reputation: The Lord-Mayor's beloved. Her children she uses to enforce her will. The men in the black cloaks, coal eyes, and dagger smiles.

Brief: The Cloaks are the special services of the Lord Mayor that she uses to counter, spy, and deal with the Courts that technically serve under her. It's the constant dance between services that keeps Scarabae interesting for Her Beloved, the Lord Mayor. While all too often the Cloaks are assumed to be Tieflings, quite a number of Humans, Drow, Half-Elves, are found in her ranks. They are also one of the few services that are known for any kind of public display- their black carriages that sweep through neighborhoods, especially in the event that something disruptively supernatural has occurred. Legally, as legal as things can get in Scarabae, the Cloaks have any authority over any other intelligence service in the scene. All the more incentive for such services to avoid and get around the Cloaks, even if it's at their own peril.

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