Monday, August 28, 2017

Transmute Formulaes to Powers!

What once was Pathfinder is now Savage Worlds!
In our recent Savage Forgotten Realms campaign, the GM and I have been busy at work with little house rules and spell additions to help us capture that sweet spot from the stuff we loved from 3e D&D and Savage Worlds - specifically making it easier for Mages to get spells and the spells tweaked to nod to those spells. One of our players is also playing with the Alchemist background from Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion. So, with him and you fine readers in mind, here are a few a spells I converted from Pathfinder's Advanced Player's Guide. Before we go further, a few house rules.

New Equipment

Item Name
Alchemist Fire
Flammable: Targets can catch fire on a 5-6. On a raise, the chance of catching fire increases to 2-6.
Corrosive: Target takes 1d4 the next round unless anti-acid is applied. On a raise, the target rolls a d6 for armor – on a 6, the armor loses 1 AP permanently. Armor reduced to 0 is destroyed.
Liquid Ice
Freezing: Target Shaken treats movement as difficult until Shaken is broken. On a raise, the target must make a Vigor save or take a point of Fatigue.

House Rules

1) Alchemists now gain the Burst power.

2) Alchemists begin play with Detect/Conceal Arcana & Light/Obscure along with 3 powers of their choice.



Formula Name (Core Power)

Bomber's Eye (Boost Trait)
Cost: 2
Range: Self
Duration: 5 (1/round)
Effect: The user imbibes a potion that sharpens their eyes or gives them superior reflexes. On a success, the user increases their Throwing skill die by 1 step, this step can go over d12 and become d12+1. On a raise, the user's throwing range is doubled. For example, if the user's potion throw is 3/6/12, the range would upgrade to 6/12/24 for the duration of the power.

Keen Senses (Darksight)
Cost: 3
Range: Self
Duration: 1 hour (1/hour)
Effect: The character's pupils mutate and allows the character both a bonus to their Notice rolls and the ability to see in various states of darkness. On a raise, their ability to see in unfavorable lighting conditions increases by two categories. Targets who already have a category of seeing in the darkness start from their current point and move up. Categories are listed below.

Normal Vision
Subject to standard lighting penalties.
Low Light Vision
Can see twice as far under moonlight or torchlight conditions. Penalties for poor lighting are halved (rounded down)
Can see in pitch darkness up to 60 ft. (12 squares).
Can see in pitch darkness up to 120 ft. (24 squares)
Can see in pitch darkness up to 160 ft. (32 squares)

Fire Breath (Burst)
Cost: 2
Range: Cone
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user imbibes a volatile mix that is then spewed into a cone of fire that sweeps through targets. The taste isn't rated very high, but the results can be very effective. Fire Breath 2d10 points of damage that ignores any armor that isn't sealed. Caster sets save target number for victims and targets who can match or beat target number dive out of the way. The formulae is fire based and subject to any resistances a character may posses.

Vomit Swarm (Summon Ally)
Cost: 3
Range: 3/6/12
Duration: 3 (1/round)
Effect: Viewed as a rather disgusting method of summoning an ally. The Alchemist drinks a magical ipecac that causes them to projectile vomit onto the ground, possibly onto a target with a Vigor check. The fluid they excrete, rather than just being merely gross, morphs into a swarm of spiders (Swarm stats pg. 141, SWD). Any character who is Shaken or Wounded must make a Vigor save or becoming fatigued from a type of toxin the spiders excrete in their bites. End of the duration causes the spiders to disintegrate back into the disagreeable fluid that spawned them.

Draconic Reservoir (Armor)
Cost: 2
Range: Touch
Duration: 3 (1/round)
Effect: This special form of Armor grants Energy resistance to target character based on the Dragon chosen (a sample includes the following dragon scales and energy associated: Red = Fire, Black = Acid, Green = Acid, White = Cold, Blue = Electricity). Targets who are protected gain +4 Armor or +4 to Resist powers that have the associated energy attached. 

On a raise, the target has a damage field and bonus damage surrounding them made of their chosen energy. Attacks made against them suffer 2d4 points of damage or if the attacker is struck with an unarmed attack from the user they suffer a bonus 2d4 damage.

Detonate (Blast)
Cost: 4
Range: 3/6/12; MBT
Duration: Instant
Effect: The character creates a volatile explosive that they hurl at targets in a MBT area. The detonation is treated like Blast with bonus damage of 3D6 instead of 2D6. The particulars of the attack are determined by energy. The character chooses which energy they are infusing in their explosive potion at creation. Samples include:

Fire: Fire deals 3d6 points of damage. On a raise, there is a 5-in-6 chance (d6: 2-6) to have the victims also catch on fire. Characters on fire take 1d10 points each subsequent round until the victim takes step to douse the fire, such as rolling on the ground or jumping into water.

Acid: Acid deals 3d4 points of damage and 2d4 damage on the next round unless anti-acid is applied to the target's wounds with a Healer's Kit and a Healing check (minus any wounds the characters may have suffered as the acid is now festering in the wound). On a raise, victims must also roll a d6 where they have a 1-in-6 (d6: 6) of losing 1 point of armor. Armor reduced to 0 becomes unusable by the target.

Cold: Cold deals 3d6 points of damage. On a raise, targets who are Shaken or Wounded treat movement as Difficult Terrain until they are either break Shaken or are healed from their injuries.

Electricity: Electricity deals 3d6 points of damage. On a raise, targets in conducive situation (standing in water) or are wearing predominately metal armor (such as Plate) take a bonus d6, increasing damage rolled to 5d6 instead of 4d6 as usual with a Raise.

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