Tuesday, August 1, 2017

White Star and the Beasts of the Lost World!

Brief: Below are some of the hazards of frontier worlds. Colonies that utilize verdant worlds for food productions run into many problems, one of them being terrifying creatures that don't mind devouring Humanoids. Spacers share tales of times when men marooned on lost planets had to face down the dreaded beasts who dwelt therein. Below are a couple of such beasts:


AC: 4 [15]
HD: 2+2
Hit Bonus: +2
Attacks: Claw and Claw (x2 Attacks; 1d6); Claw & Bite (x2 Attacks 1d6 + 1d6-1)
Saving Throw: 17
Special: Ambush, Grab, Jump
Move: 15
XP: 60

Ambush: Raptors use adroitness and cover to ambush targets. Roll a d6. On a 1-4 (-1 for any sensory spells, Alien Mystics, or sharp eyed characters to a minimum of 1) the Raptor has the surprise.

Grab: While their bite isn't the strongest compared to their long claws, Raptors do have strong jaws that grip their prey. Whenever they use a Bite attack that hits +4 over the targets AC they have grabbed the target. Each round the target may attempt a Saving Throw to extract their hand from the raptor's mouth. Each round their hand is caught, the Raptor gets a +2 to any attack rolls it makes. On a Natural 1 Saving Throw or after so many rounds (possibly rolled by the GM) the character's limb is severed and devoured. The character is free, but lacking an arm or leg.

Jump: Raptors are astonishing jumpers. Without a roll they can leap as high as tall trees and grip with their claws. If a GM wishes to roll this out it is a 4-in-6 [6-to-3 w/ Roll High!] with a bonus +1 depending on objects available for the Raptor to catch and cling to.

Brief: Dwelling in tall grasses, mountain passes, and forests is the terrible velociraptor. These pack hunters scale colors range from mottled brown or green forest dwellers to tan or clay orange and black in the mountain regions. Either version is known for applying their terrible hand and toe claws to slice open their prey and devour them. They are also known to use their long muzzle heads to snatch and take off limbs. Raptors are known for their talents in jump and ambushing, making them very dangerous to foot patrols.


AC: 5 [14]
HD: 3+1
Hit Bonus: +3
Attacks: Bite (1d6-1); Acid Spittle (1d6+2)
Saving Throw: 16
Special: Spittle, Camouflage
Move: 12
XP: 70

Camouflage: Dilophosaurus are native to forests and use their mottled green coloring to blend in, making them difficult to see (Possibly reduce chances depending on time of day or forest condition, this can be counteracted with sensory powers or races with sharp senses). The only time one sees the vibrant plumage of a Dilophosaurus is when springs and sprays its acidic spray. This often means to Dilophosaurus gains Surprise and a +2 to their attacks unless detected.

Spittle: Dilophosaurus' acidic spittle is its main mode of attack. The spittle deals 1d6+2 damage on the initial burst and 1d6 the next round unless treated with anti-acid. If this attack deals +4 over the target's AC, the target is struck in the eyes and is blind (-4 to all attacks; auto-fails any sight based check). This spittle burn can be treated with advanced first aid within 24 hours. After a day, the target is permanently blind and will require cybernetic augmentation.

Brief: The forest dwelling dilophosaurus are not quite as strong or fearsome looking as the velociraptor, one might even consider keeping the animal as a pet for its beautiful vibrant plumage that springs open. Unfortunately, that's right before it sprays you with acidic bile. Dilophosaurus is a scavenger and opportunist rather than aggressive creature. It will generally avoid any large foot patrols unless there are several around it. When it does strike for food it typically uses its mottled green shading to blend into the forest, springing its plumage only when it fires a volley of acidic chemicals and typically aiming for the eyes. This writer cannot confirm how many men were hit in the eyes and then accidentally shot their allies in panic fire- but it's probably a lot.

Allosaurus/Tyrannosaurus Rex

AC: 1 [18] or 0 [19]
HD: 10 – 12
Hit Bonus: +10 - +12
Attacks: Bite (4d6), Claw (3d6)
Saving Throw: 9 – 7
Special: Swallow
Move: 15
XP: 1,400 – 2,300

Swallow: Whenever these creatures strike +4 over the targets AC, the target is swallowed whole. Every round the target is in the the creature's stomach they take 1d6+2 points of Acidic Damage and can only try to make attacks if they were holding or can draw a small weapon (mono-knife, knife, laser pistol) this might require a Saving Throw to accomplish. Every successful attack deals damage and requires the beast to make a Saving Throw to avoid regurgitating the creature into a steaming heap, possibly aimed at another player.

Brief: The dreaded Allosaurus and even more dreaded, if one could dread even more, Tyrannosaurus are considered just below Thunder Lizards to be major dangers to any colony planet. These great beasts roam plains and light forests, stomping through campsites for food, fearing only large bursts of concentrated laser fire. Their scale color can range from shades of green, brown, or grey.

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