Friday, September 1, 2017

Item Set: Arch Mage's Leathers

Brief: This set of lacquered leather includes belt, amulet, a floating swirling crystal (aka floating stone), armor, and crest (headpiece). Each item gives a different magical benefit and collecting all bestows a special power. The set should be scattered throughout the campaign and represents the lost leathers of a powerful arch mage in the campaign's past. The set breaks down as follows.

Belt of the Arch Mage: Deflection (10 pp - Forcefield) & +3 Spellcasting skill.

Amulet of the Eye - Dampening (Rolls of 1 do not shake the Spellcaster and Double-1's are treated as a failure rather than catastrophic failures). Storing (The amulet can store a single spell and use when the command word is spoken. The caster uses their caster dice and may gain a bonus due to the power of the amulet. If the GM allows the amulet to give aid it should between +1 or +2 equipment bonus.)

Swirling Crystal - This floating stone stores mana. The caster can place up to 10 points within the stone. The stone continues to magically revolve around their head. It costs 2 move points to draw mana from the stone into the caster's body and they cannot have more mana than their current max total.

Leather Armor - +2 Toughness & Burst (10 pp - Force Wave; acts like 'Burst' and is made of force energy, lacks resistances over the elements, but is sensitive to Deflection individuals with Deflection currently active add 1 along with standard bonuses to their Agility roll).

Crest - Improved Arcane Resistance & Teleport (10 pp - Can only be used on self, cannot carry a passenger).

Complete Set: Should the caster complete set, the caster gains an 'Arcane' Bennie. This Bennie can be traded for the following.

-Automatically turning a successfully cast spell into a Raise.

-Turn in the bennie to regain 2d6 power points.

-Grant a re-roll to one spell-based double-1 (if critical failures / not rolling out of a double 1 is a thing).

This bennie should be handed once per session, unless the caster does a magical feat that impresses the GM.

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