Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Blackmoor Sketch #3 - Toffmar of Rodhin

Toffmar of Rodhin
Race: Dragonborn / Class: Fighter ( 1 )

Strength: 17 / +2 Melee Hit / +2 Melee Damage / Open Doors (d6) 3-6 / Weight: +50
Dexterity: 14 / +1 Missile Hit / +1/-1 Armor Class
Constitution: 14 / Hit Point Bonus: +1 / System Shock Recovery: 100%
Intelligence: 12 / Additional Languages: 3
Wisdom: 9 / Notice Bonus: +0
Charisma: 11 / # of Contacts: 4

HP: 9 / Saving Throw: 14 (+4 Saves vs. Energy) / AC: 14 (Ring Mail + Scales)

Attacks: Longsword: Attk: +2 / Dmg: 1d8+3 / S: Versatile: Can be held in 2-hands for +1 Damage.

Musket: Attk: +1 / Dmg: 1d8 / R: Near

Dagger: Attk: +2 / Dmg: 1d4+2 / R: Close

Other Gear: Backpack, Bedroll, Rations, Canteen, Rope, Lamp, Oil (x3), Torch (x2), Iron Spike (x5) / Wealth: 50 gp

Skills - Begins with three (3) skills. Rogue types (Assassin, Thief) gain four (4) skills. The first skill is associated with class, the other 2 are of player's personal choice (though GM may have some advice, cooperation is encouraged). Notice is a natural skill and is added to the list. A 14 or Higher on an attribute adds +1 to the d6 roll. Your class skill starts at Rank 2 (5-6 Success) and your tertiary skill starts at Rank 1 (6 = Success). You may select one of your skills (or Notice) to be this uplifted skills. Every 4 levels they may increase their skill by 1 (to a maximum of 5) or buy a new skill at Rank 1. Characters may also spend gold for training at GM's discretion.

Notice (Wisdom) - Rank: 1 - Success Chance (d6): 6

Survival* (Wisdom): Rank 2 - Success Chance (d6): 5-6

Athletics* (Strength): Rank 2 - Success Chance (d6): 4-6

Navigation (Intelligence): Rank 1 - Success Chance (d6): 6


Darkvision (Racial): Can see in total darkness up to 60 ft. albeit in grayscale.

Scales: +1 AC due to the natural armor. Dragonborn find it difficult to wear heavy armors, such as plate due to a number of smiths only making plate armor for Human (turns out plate is not one-size fits all). A Dragonborn who wishes to wear plate must spend an extra 25% on price to get the armor resized to accommodate them.

Breath Weapon (1/day): A Dragonborn gains a breath weapon attack that acts like a range weapon. The breath weapon is based on the type of Dragon the Dragborn descended. Ideas include Green (Acid), Red (Fire), Blue (Electricity), Black (Acid), White (Cold). Breath attacks deal 1d6 energy damage. They gain a bonus use per day at levels 6th & 11th. Whenever they roll a Natural 20, such luck allows them to recharge their uses per day.

Ancestry: Dragonborn gain +4 Saving Throws vs. their scale colors energy. For example, a Blue Dragonborn has +4 vs. effects or spells that are attached to electrical attacks.

Parry (Dex: 14): -1 to Melee attacks vs. a Fighter due to their combat training.

Combatant: Against 1HD creatures, a Fighter gains 1 attack per level. Current: +1 attack.


-Toffmar is a soldier Dragonborn of Clan Doban within the hidden city of Rodhin. As with all of the Doban caste, Toffmar is expected to return from adventuring at the call of the Elders to defend the hidden city against invaders and monstrous threats.

-Toffmar is a Greenscale. His breath and defenses are tied to Acid energy. Greenscales are viewed as a rather 'common' scale within the Dragonborn community compared to the more noble Reds & Blues, but not quite as low as the Whitescales. He could use his scale color to help advance his position as a leader of soldiers.

-Toffmar has a passing interest in astronomy. Both as a navigation aid, and because he likes the aesthetics of stars.

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