Monday, October 30, 2017

Savage Worlds: Batfolk


Brief: Batfolk are a race chiroptera-humanoid kind that tend towards the highlands, forests, and swamps. Their bodies covered in furs with colors of brown, black, or gray with soft pink noses, ears, and black or dark gray eyes. Batfolk's diet ranges from sweet tasting fruit to the blood of living creatures, often requiring their interaction with other Humanoid race to be trade in exchange for food. It is considered taboo for a Batfolk to feed off a Batfolk of the same 'colony' (the term for groups of Batfolk). However, this taboo does not apply to warring colonies. Loner Batfolk are sometimes looked on with wariness as their exile from a colony may range from wanting to see the world on their own, or punishment for attracting negative attention to the colony- like sucking the blood of other Humanoid types. Despite living in dark areas, not all Batfolk have darkvision, instead, Batfolk are known to use their powerful sense of hearing to help them 'see' the world around them. The large wing membranes that hang off their back allow them to glide, though there are some instances where a Batfolk has attained true flight.


Hollow Bones: -1 Toughness due to their skeletal frame. The ability to glide and possibly comes at a price, and that price is being unable to endure physical punishment like other medium sized races.

Nocturnal: Batfolk prefer the darkness over the light. During night, even on full moon nights a Batfolk acts normally. Under daylight a Batfolk requires some form of shading (such as a long brim hat or a fashionable parasol) or take a -1 penalty to all action. Sudden bright light (such as the Light spell flashing off) requires a Smarts check or be blinded for 1 round. On a critical failure or if struck with a Raise with a light based ability the round increases to 1d4+1 rounds.

Echolocate: Batfolk have a strong sense of hearing and can use it detect all of the world around them. By taking an action a Batfolk can make a Notice check that covers a medium burst template area centered on the Batfolk. Targets who may be hiding must make another Stealth roll that must beat this ranged Notice with a -2 to their roll. On a raise, the area increases to a LBT centered on the Batfolk and the penalty to the Stealth roll becomes a -4.

Bite: Batfolk have a natural bite attack that deals Str+d4 damage.

Glide: As long as a Batfolk is still conscious and unencumbered, they are able to jump off from great heights without suffering fall damage due to their wings helping slow their fall. They can attempt to remain in the air using strong currents of wind by making an Agility check. However, stormy winds can also throw a gliding Batfolk and set them crashing to the earth. Gliding checks made in stormy or inclement environments suffer a -2 or -4 penalty depending on severity.

Agile: Batfolk begin with d6 Agility.

Racial Edges

Requirements: Novice

Batfolk with this Edge are able to see in total darkness up to 60 ft. (12 squares). While in total darkness a Batfolk cannot discern color, only shades of gray.

Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d6

Most Batfolk are content to being able to glide into the air, but some Batfolk attempt to strengthen their wings and become true flyers (Night Flyers, as they are typically termed by their fellow Batfolk). The Batfolk must be unencumbered in order to take flight. They are able to fly at their pace with the ability to "run" increasing their flight speed based on their run dice.

Requirements: Seasoned, Vigor d6

Batfolk are able to unlock the mystical energies found in blood in order to help their bodies quickly regenerate from abuse. When a Batfolk with this edge makes a natural attack and inflicts a wound, they may make an immediate recovery check to heal any wounds they carry. Any wound that is a day old cannot be healed via vampirism and must be recovered by natural healing.

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