Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Scarabae: Factions of the Free City

When not adventuring across the great wide world, plowing through danger and seizing treasure, many a picaro who wishes to make ends meet while staying in Scarabae take up work with the so-called factions. Forget any expectations that the factions are just 'philosophers with clubs' organization. Factions include enterprising tavern houses, unions, and individuals whose influence may go back since the Foundation Wars that changed the city from a traditional principality to the the city it is now. Let's take a look at a few factions.

The United Brotherhood of Orcish Workers
Aka: The Orcish Union; The Pickmen

Profile: The Union is a working class fraternity dedicated, as they show on their pamphlets, to protecting the rights of Orcs and 'Orcish-races'. Their members include Goblins and Hobgoblins in their ranks (Bugbears by in large are a little too wild to group up with the organization). The Union are known for their parade demonstrations in the streets, carrying their banners and wearing their black and silver sashes. Work offered includes dealing with troubles inside mines that the Union are currently working on, collecting debts from members who have borrowed from the pension fund, or 'dealing' with building projects or mining operations that have not paid or hired Union members. Picaros can be any race to work with them, but only rough races such as Half-Orcs, Orcs, or Minotaur can join the Union as a full member with benefits. Amenities of being a member include: lodging and mundane supply, access to either mining sites or at least information where rare ores can be found.

The Griffon House
Aka: Tavern and Entertainment Emporium; the Juggler's Men

Profile: The Griffon House isn't just a tavern, there are plenty of those that dot Scarabae. The House is known as an 'Entertainment Emporium' with games of chance, a grand stage of spectacle and titillation, and also, of course, drinking. The House also serves as curt for the Harlequin thief, the Juggler. The Juggler can only be described as female, probably Human or Half-Elf, it is difficult to tell with her painted face and golden mask. She is considered a rather comely creature and perhaps she knows it, given her costume choices. Her gang is ran out of the Griffon House where she fences stolen property and sells magical trinkets and wondrous items. Prospective members include Bards and characters who have proficiency in the Perform skill. Jobs one can find at the House include the standard performing on stage for money. The Juggler also buys fenced property and is always looking to gather secrets, rumors, and information that she can sell.

House Scabberhorn
Aka: The Scabberhorns; The Family

Not every faction is an organization or gang. Sometimes a single family can pull the strings on life in Scarabae. The Scabberhorns are a family of Tieflings under the leadership of one Joseph Scabberhorn. His immediate family, as well as members of his eldest son's family-by-marriage. Their interest includes currency speculation, fencing, protection, and loansharking. Scabberhorn owns stocks and debts over various businesses in the Free City and doesn't mind using force and threat to collect. His largest rival is House Stillwater, but he also has to contend with smaller, more mobile gangs that can cause him trouble. Full-membership requires a touch of otherworldly blood. Picaros just looking for jobs can find it in collection runs, recovering items for the House, or conducting raids or making trouble for Scabberhorn's rivals.

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