Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bionic Combatant

Savage World's Science Fiction Companion has a good, bare bones table of cybernetic enhancements for the burgeoning Cyberpunk GM. They are a little bit generic, but to me they cover the bases if someone who wants to make their abomination of flesh and machine. So! Today's post is all about sample melee weapons you can slap on your character using the Science Fiction companion as a guide.

Our catalog includes:

Molecular Claws
Brief: These are viewed as somewhat standard for most melee kits. These include two or three 'claws' that jut from the user's knuckles. These blades are typically molecular nature, making them sharp enough to cut through even advanced armor polymers.

Damage: Str+d6+2 / AP: 3

Stun Fist
Brief: This augmentation appears to be a hand made of either silver or gold. It can deliver a stun charge to a victim, requiring only a touch (Fighting +2 vs. Parry). Targets who are struck must make a save or fall to the ground unconcious. Even without the charge the metal hand still delivers a nasty punch.

Damage: Str+d6 or Stun

Chain Rip
Brief: Built into the cybernetic flesh of the character is a gauntlet that activates and brandishes a chainblade that mauls a target. The blade is noisy and often viewed as frightening to behold, particularly if you are a lone guard or punk facing down an individual who has a chainsaw springing from their hand.

Damage: Str+2d6 / AP: 2 / Notes: Noisy, on a Snake-Eyes the weapon becomes 'depowered' and loses the bonus d6 damage and AP until the individual reboots the arm during a recharge cycle.

Power Fister
Brief: This chrome covered fist releases a concussive charge designed to punch holes into flesh or metal. On raise the fists releases a wave of energy that is extremely hazardous.

Damage: Str+d6 / Power: Add 1d6 to damage or 1d10 damage on a Raise. On a Fighting roll of Snake Eyes the weapon becomes unpowered and requires rebooting during the user's recharge cycle.

The Cable Punch
Brief: Fed into your cybernetic armor is a carbon cable that allows you to launch your first at a target. User is cautioned: there is the unlikely, but possible event where the cable will not auto-retract back to the armor and will instead dangle outwards.

Damage: Str+d6 / Reach: 1 / S: Cable - The cable attached to the fist should auto-retract and bring the fist back to the body. On a Fighting result of Snake Eyes, the cable has a problem and will not retract. This exposes the cable to being cut. The attack to cut the cable is at a -2. The toughness is 14 (2) and any result that meets the number severs the cable.

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