Friday, January 12, 2018

The Cat Post

Aww... look at tha cute kitty.

I liked the idea of my Cold Post that I wanted to expand it to other things that catch my fancy. So expect the odd post where I try to fit a spell, race, and monster based around a single subject. Let's see how far we can milk this.

Cat's Charm (Confusion)
Cost: 1
Range: Smarts x 2
Duration: Instant

Conjures an illusion in the caster's eye of a cute, cuddly kitten. So wide eyed that even the most hardened living monster is charmed by this beast. Target must roll Smarts -2 (-4 with a Raise) or be Shaken as they are so distracted by this lovable kitten. It even has whiskers and bright yellow eyes...

Characters who have a phobia to cats (Ailurophobia) must instead roll their Smarts or become feared, requiring them to retreat from the caster at all speed. This could be an effective defense, though you will be running scared.

Transmogrify to Cat (Racial Edge)
Requirements: Rakashan/Feline Race, Smarts d8, Seasoned

Effect: Character gains 5 PP and the power to transmogrify into a Cat as if they had the Shape Change power. The Rakashan uses either their Smarts or Spellcasting roll, whichever is higher. These 5 points are exclusive to this effect only and recharge at the standard rate of Power Points. They can be affected by edges such as Rapid Recharge and Improved Rapid Recharge.

Black Cat's Curse (Event)

On an Negative Event or Trap Card (generally a Clubs face-card) one of the party members comes under the evil eye of a black cat. They must roll of a Spirit (-2) or Spirit (-4) if the Ace of Clubs is drawn for this event. Characters who fail gain the 'Bad Luck' hindrance and retain it unless a Break Curse power or a story point helps remove this curse from them.

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