Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Gnome Post

This post was inspired by the Gnome entry in the 5e. I wanted a nice, small set of Gnomes for the Savage Worlds system. So let's take a look!

Gnome, Rock

Brief: Industrious and intelligent, Rock Gnomes are the most numerous of Gnome kind in the realms. They are a small race, a little taller than Halflings, but certainly not as tall as Dwarves. They typically have a wiry build and a pallor to their skin. Their hair colors include shades of brown, blonde, or red with more exotic shades such as silver or a fiery orange.

Traits Include: Smart (+2): Begins play with d6 Smarts

Small (-2): -1 Toughness due to Size. Equipment restrictions may apply.

Low Light Vision (+1): Halves penalties due to poor illumination.

Knowledgeable (+1): Begins play with a d6 Knowledge in a field of their choice. Most Gnomes prefer a tinkering/science field, but there are some that partake in Academia or the Occult/Arcana field.

Gnome, Forest

Brief: Forest Gnomes, sometimes known as 'Fey Gnomes' dwell in places closest to where the lines between the Prime Material and the Feywild mesh. They are known for a natural talent in Stealth and a great many illusionists come from the Forest branch of Gnomedom. They have a greenish tinge to their skin and their hair colors range from shades of brown, black, or green.

Traits Include: Adroit (+2): Begins play with d6 Agility.

Small (-2): -1 Toughness due to Size. Equipment restrictions may apply.

Low Light Vision (+1): Halves penalties due to poor illumination

Stealthy: Begins play with d6 Stealth.

Gnome, Deep

Brief: Deep Gnomes, also known as "Svirfneblin" are a distant branch of Gnome kind that escaped from the Elemental Plane of Earth to migrate into the deep places of the world. They are known to build grand halls where polished obsidian stones gleam in the darkness. Deep Gnomes skin color ranges from black to shades of gray with typically shades of white in their hair.

Traits Include: Smart (+2): Begins play with d6 Smarts.

Small (-2): -1 Toughness due to Size. Equipment restrictions may apply.

Deepvision (+1): Deep Gnomes can see up to 120 ft. (24") in Total Darkness without penalty.

Weakness: Sun/Bright Lights (-1): Requires proper clothing to operate in direct sunlight. Without shading his eyes with a hat or hood, the Deep Gnome suffers a -1 to all Trait rolls. When exposed to trappings with bright lights, the Deep Gnome is at -4 to resist.

Arcane Resistance (+2): Gnomes have a measure of protection vs. magic spells. Deep Gnomes begin with 'Arcane Resistance'. This protection can also affect allied spells, unless a Deep Gnome takes an action to lower their Resistance. A Gnome must wait until next round before they can bring their Resistance back up, until then, they are vulnerable while their trait is down.

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