Thursday, February 8, 2018

5e & Microlite V: Giff

Looking back, I wouldn't say I altogether loved Spelljammer. I liked it, I certainly think it's neat. But probably the bigger thing I got out of the campaign were new player-character races such as Giff. I also appreciated the emphasis on Lizardfolk and I think the Scro are neat, but this post is dedicated to the Giff. Below is a template I put together for the Giff.


Brief: Giff are a race of bestial-humanoids that part man, part hippopotami. Their thick flesh is generally in shades of light gray or brown with small hairs that jut from the snout of the Giff. Their figure lends them to being bulky, which lends to most Giff being muscular while there are a few out there who have allowed all that flesh to go soft. Giff are consummate firearms users. An enemy better have that in mind when challenging a Giff party. They are liable to get shot.


Attribute Adjustments: +1 Strength, +2Constitution - Giff are known to be thick and hardy and often very strong.

Size: Giff are often 6 to 7 and a 1/2 feet in height, with Females typically being in the 6 foot range exclusively. Their build keeps them at a Medium size.

Speed: 30 ft.

Darkvision: You can see dim light within 60 ft. with normal clarity. In total darkness you can see up to 30 ft. albeit in a grayscale.

Head Butt: You have a natural melee attack with the hardened plate in your head. Your attack deals 1d6 plus Strength.

Giff Charge (Uses = 1+Con Modifier): Once per turn you can charge up to 10 ft. and strike with a headbutt attack that deals a bonus 1d6 damage in addition to your normal 1d6. You also may push the target back 5 ft. At 10th level you push the victim back up to 10 ft. Uses require a Long Rest to recharge and a Long Rest recharges all uses of this talent.

Firearms Proficiency: Giff are proficient with Firearms. See below for special note.

Firearms and 5e: While there are rules for firearms in the DMG, you may wish to consider just re-skinning Crossbows for use as guns. In doing so. Pistols = Handcrossbows, Blunderbuss/Carbines = Light Crossbows, and Muskets = Heavy Crossbows. With above, all Giff may use any of these 'Crossbow-Gun' reskins even if they are not normally proficient in said weapon. i.e. a Giff Wizard is proficient in the use of a Musket (Heavy Crossbow).


Microlite 5e Traits

Strength +2

Headbutt: 1d6+Strength. On a Natural 20 the target is also pushed back 5 ft up until 10th level when they are pushed back 10 ft.

Hardy: Giff gain +1 HP per hit die rolled for them in addition to their bonus to Strength.

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