Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Borderlands: Four Swords to be Had (If you've got the stones for it)

Who doesn't a love a good sword? Every great (or at least famous) warrior carries one, every boy (and girl) imagines they wield one, and all of the rune smiths among the Dwarves, the enchanters of Elves, and even a few soulbinding liches agree, swords are just the tits. Below are four blades that are considered the most desired in the Borderlands. These blades are called the lost blades as the Great War and time have swallowed them up.

Icing Glow, The Fang of the North
Base Item: Longsword
5e Recommended trait: Frostbrand

Brief: Icing Glow is one of the few blades of the North to actually be lost in the Borderlands. Humanity being so numerous in their number, were able to maintain the manpower needed to recover most of their magic items even if it mean dying by the bushel. Icing Glow was one of those exceptions. In the hands of the un-attuned, touching this blade sends a sensation down the spine that few wish to bear. Upon attunement, the user no longer receives that sensation and may the weapon freely. The blade's last known user, Frederick of Steliden, the Hillside Butcher. This Barbarian, brought from the furthest reaches of the north, is said to have killed more than his fair share of Elves. So much to the point that the blade developed a taste and would glow when Elves were presence. Frederick met his end towards the end of the Great War. The Elves who slew him fought their hardest that day, not to gain ground, but to steal the sword of the hated Northman. It is believed the sword is in the hands of one of the Exile's top leaders. The Elves did recover it and, in a sense, their Queen threw it away again.

Tiefling's Tear, The Blade of the Boss
Base Item: Rapier
5e Recommended trait: Wounding Weapon

Brief: One of the blades forged in the Borderlands proper, Tiefling's Tear represents one of the few Tieflings who managed to climb up, stay up, and assume the role of a boss rather than a trusted agent. Augustulus Frey was, for a time, known as the Fallen of Kyna. The Tiefling crimelord had managed to assassinate and deal his way into a seat on the council of Underbarons. A feat of accomplishment, especially in a time when Tieflings are distrusted and disliked in most any corners, even worst, without illusionary tricks a Tiefling will often stand out, making them an easy target. The blade is said to cut not just flesh, but to leave stains on one's essence, draining their lives. If a target is slain while carrying one of these wounds, it is said their body cannot be raised, saved by the intervention of a Wish or direct influence of the Powers themselves. Frey was known to use this on his enemies, then employ Speak with Dead to learn what information he could from the lips of dead men. Frey himself was killed when his presence, his arrogance, allowed two of the five Underbarons to put aside their differences to go after the Tiefling lord. As for his sword, it is either in the hands of the crime bosses or lost into the maze of tunnels that lie underneath the city.

Hellcrax, the Weapon that Burns
Base Item: Greatsword
5e Recommended trait: Flametongue

Brief: It is an universal belief of two things- all rich men are in want of a wife, and all Dwarves use axes. The former is probably true, the latter is patently lost. Hellcrax was a Dwarf's blade.
The greatsword is said to reflect the fiery nature of the Dwarfs. Forged in the heart of the mountains by Felhammer Clan (of all the clan names to forge a sword...) and was carried by Fargo Ironeater as he fought for the clan. Dwarves were one of the few races that fought on both sides during the war as both men and elves made deals with clan chiefs, promising land and spoil to fight for them. While some Dwarven clans switched regularly during the summer, the Felhammer clan remained stalwart to the North, given the location of Felhammer Hall being firmly in northern lands. This Greatsword's volcanic heat was said to melt armor as it bit into the flesh of whoever was unlucky enough to be on the receiving end on the blade. The engagements it saw, from the badlands and Red Hills to the Great Salt Marsh, the only reason Hellcrax was less feared than Icing Glow was that Dwarves actually would take prisoners. Hellcrax was lost when Fargo Ironeater vanished in the Salt Marsh. Rumor was that he had lead an expedition during the last days of the Great War to locate and make contact with Malburg, the lost Citadel. He had yet to return.

Glass Song, the Blade of Bards
Base Item: Shortsword
Recommended 5e trait: Dancing

Brief: One of the most valued members of an Elven war party was that of their Blade Songs. War Bards who traveled, whistled or sang their songs of victory to encourage their troops to fight and slay the enemy. Liara Truesilver came from a line of these roving songstress-warriors. She often did not need to whistle or sing to work her powers, her swinging sword was said to let out of a whistle as it moved. It was also known to leave her hands at times and slash or stab at men at range before they could approach the songstress. She was apart of several early campaigns of the Great War, when the tide crested for the Elven kingdom and their bands moved out of the Marsh into the arid lands of the Red Hills. It is there that Liara Truesilver met and fell in love with Lady Ireena Hopewarden. Elf and Human, a chance meeting in war. The pair instead founded the city of Pit to take advantage of mining as opposed to fighting. However, such as the way of figures who wield such swords, both lovers vanished during an excavation of the ruined mines within the Red Hills. Their city of Pit lives on, the gems continue to flow, but so-to flow the treasure hunters or agents who wish to learn what happened to Bard and Paladin- more importantly, recovering Glass Song.

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