Friday, February 16, 2018

Krevborna: Three Demi-Humans from the Haunted Lands

I wanted to put together some NPC's for Krevborna and try to keep them sort-of Gothic, or something that probably fits a more adventurous version of the Blood Opera. So, let's take a look...

Brunhild the Hound - The Tragic Villain

"Forgive me, please, forgive me... This isn't by my choice..."

Brief: Brunhild's Half-Orc lineage already denotes some form of divine punishment, as all Half-Orcs have sin in their past, often associated with violence. The Half-Orc is twice cursed, the curse she was born with, and the curse she has given. Brunhild is a reluctant 'hound' for a hedonist sorcerers called: "The Gentle One". The sorceress demands that Brunhild mark and bring her susceptible playthings to her ruined manor somewhere near Hemlock. Brunhild complies for the fear of what might happen to her to defy such a power.

-Her Tragic Flaw: Cowardice. Brunhild dislikes her patron and the task of either marking a victim in secret or even kidnapping a fair person of civilized Krevborna, but she fears the repercussions of either refusal, or even worst rebellion.

-As a enemy, she may fight the party long enough to make an escape. Instead of killing blows, she may leave a party member she has knocked to 0 HP unconscious. However, she not above killing if she is left no choice.

-As an NPC Ally. Have her help the party. Maybe even encourage her to have friendly relations with a party member. Then stick the knife as she has to betray her party or it is revealed she is the pawn of another patron.

Doris Highforge - The Hardened Ally

"Right, let's get this out o' tha way. I don't want tae hear no lip from ye abou' me height o' tha I'm a lass. Ye don't have tae worry about me stones fer this job, I got plenty. An' if ye don't want YER stones punched in, ye'll lay off!" -Doris Highforge's opening pep talk.

Brief: Doris Highforge is the older sister to Gisbert Highforge, the Piskaro guardsmen. Unlike her brother, Doris is a White Raven skirmisher who likes to take her prey head-on with two blades slashing and cutting. As a White Raven is noted to say: When the place is so covered in blood that you're advised to wear heavy soled boots- that's a Doris job. Doris is one of the White Ravens often going on a Veil Run in order to bring some rascal to justice.

Her Tragic Flaw: Bloodlust - Highforge secretly revels in rage and combat that sometimes it requires a reminder of why she is a White Raven before someone innocent gets hurt. She is torn between giving into the red and trying to maintain at least some sense of guideline or code of conduct.

-Doris can make either for a friendly NPC if the players need extra muscle, a plot hook, or a quest giver. If she has gone fully into the red, she may also be considered a villain that the players may have to capture or kill.

Carnival Brigit - The Self-Aware Clown

"Huh, wasting no time are we? Low cut gown and everything. Well, madam, this future will be easy- probably either the one where you fall in love with a monster or are kidnapped by a monster. Let's draw some cards, I'll use the crystal ball in a minute." - Brigit's usual reaction to a Gothic heroine.

Brief: Like many demi-human races in Krevborna, there is always a touch of sin or feyish in the blood that makes them the way they are. It is unclear of Brigit's people. Whether they were result of union between fey and man, or just a people cursed. Brigit appears to be a fortune teller who is bitter about having the gift of sight, only for it to be hand waved as some parlor trick by the people who visit her tent. The experience has left her so jaded, the futures she sees often sharing the same traits, that she now tells futures in a flippant manner. "Oh, a Knight? Let's see, you'll either fall or get betrayed... hmm... ah! Drawing this card. Yep, betrayed by your lover."

Her Tragic Flaw: She really has none. Instead, she is a form of the Clown in Gothic Literature. She can be used as part plot hook Oh, here is something in your future. And a source of levity in-game. If a GM has a streak self-deprecation, she could be a good source to kind of poke fun in-character in the fact of how over-the-top the party's adventures have been.

-Like above, she could be used as a plot hook, a way for the GM to clue the player's onto something GM felt they missed, or a Divination Wizard if the player needs an extra spellcaster.

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