Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Savage Worlds & Mini Six: TIE Scout Car

TIE Scout Car
A scout vehicle assembled from scavenged TIE parts.

Brief: The TIE Scout Car is the culmination of stranded Imperial staff, a planet-sized junkyard of wreckage of previous conflicts of the Galactic Civil War, and a large stockpile of heavily obsolete tires. Twin ion engines propel the car at high speed where half-panels absorb energy from the planet's sun. Twin turbo-lasers serve as the vehicles only armament. The skeletal frame of the vehicle leaves it vulnerable to breaking apart at its highest speeds. Ramping off high places are not recommended, though the ball-shaped cockpit can release and eject from the frame. It usually ejects with an explosive discharge and begins to roll away, pilots are advised to eat light before driving the scout car.

Savage Worlds Stats

Tie Scout Car
Class: Medium; Size: 3; Acc/TS: 20/40; Toughness: 12 (3)
Armament: Dual-Linked Light Laser: Attack Bonus: +2, Damage: 2d10+1, Range: 150/300/600,
AP: 5, S: Heavy Weapon
Features: Speed x2, Deflector Screen, 4-Wheel Drive, Target System, Ejection System

Mini Six Stats

Tie Scout Car
Scale: +2D
Operation Skill: Driving
Body: 2D
Maneuver Die: 2D+2
Speed Die: 3D+2
Crew: 1 / Passenger: 0

Armaments Include: Twin-Linked Laser: Scale: 2D; Damage: 4D

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