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Seaside Personalities

In the Borderlands there is the great city of Port Kyna, then there is the little stopover known as Seaside. What's the difference? A port in the Borderlands is a port, right? There are a few differences. Seaside's deepwater access is limited, meaning a smaller market compared to the grand city. Where Port Kyna's custom officials are sometimes honest about preventing contraband from entering the city, Seaside is only interested in lining its pockets. Port Kyna is run by Minotaur, Seaside is run by a couple of men. Both serve their clientele with various services: bars, alchemists, artificers, soft beds, soft flesh (for any persuasion), and drinks that range from reasonable to expensive. The other difference between the Grand City and the Pirate Town are the characters you might meet therein. Let's look at a few.

Captain Farah Mooncalled
Captain of the Exiles; Elven Mercenary; Music Lover
Classification: Fighter

Farah Mooncalled is a Captain with the Duag en Edledhron or the Exiles. The mercenary company currently has a contract to protect and patrol the swampy morass of the Salt Marsh which borders the city and prevent undead, hostile lizardfolk, and criminal gangs from plaguing the wrangling pirates of the city. She is a veteran of the Great War, and it's said she has made her money capturing treasures from Human officers and selling them on the black and gray market. Rumors or not, where most Elven troops live in tents outside Seaside, she is one of the few who can afford private quarters. When not on duty she is a frequent visitor of the taverns and docks. She enjoys music, which she says reminds her of home. As such, she often hires bards to play for her on her off-days.

Pondabar 'Pondabar!' Ironhoof
Minotaur Fighter; the Giant Slayer; Flower Enthusiast
Classification: Fighter

Pondabar is something of a legend in Seaside. His exploits began even before the Great War as one of the warriors who stood against the time when giants roamed the area that would become the Borderlands. His axed is said to have cleaved many a sand giant's feet from the rest of their body. During the Great War Pondabar served on the Elvish side of the conflict, dueling the Human-backed Orc, Dromash the Immovable in a three day duel (stopping for dinner breaks) that ended with Pondabar taking off the Orc's head. Not only was his kill a claim to fame, it was left several sore people who had wagered both warriors would kill each other in the fight. That's the way these fights go! They would cry. At present, Pondabar is semi-retired to his house in Seaside where he grows flowers. It wasn't so much that he renounced violence, he just found little else to pick up his halberd to hit with. He typically helps Adventurers with contacts, supplies, and sometimes a few coins. He has much respect for the semi-honorable profession of Adventuring.

Mortimer 'Morti Threemoons' Hisk
Gnome Wizard; The Enchanter
Classification: Wizard

Mortie Threemoons could be as 'typical' as it gets for these parts. He is a Gnome Wizard and Artificer who lives in the 'Little Quarter' of Seaside. A neighborhood or two that is a  collection of Gnomes, Halflings, Grippli, Goblins, and the like. Quite a number of Wizards and Sorcerers live in the quarter, Mortie just happens to be one of the few wizards who works with adventurers in selling them potions, enchanting their items, and giving magical advice. He has a reputation of being a touch miserly, charging 50 silver a day to view his arcane library. But, there is always a chance that if an arcane question comes up, he may be able to help answer it for the party. He plays a mean game of Drakes (fantasy-chess).

Ireena of the Road & William Stout
Friends; Co-Owners of the Sunken Flagon
Classification: Rogue & Fighter respectively.

Ireena and William are two friends who met in the early days post-treaty signing, when the Borderlands were forming. He was a soldier who had made is money, she was a widow doing odd jobs in Seaside. The pair decided to work together by opening a tavern to take advantage of the burgeoning trade and drinking market, after all, everyone needs a drink after what they've been through. Their partnership continues to this day. William 'don't call him Bill' Stout runs the bar and tosses out the troublemakers, Ireena reads cards and works as a barmaid. The pair can be counted on for providing lodgings, drinks, and the occasional tidbit of information.

Orlando De Vere
Pan-flute expert; Seaside Bard
Classification: Bard

Orlando is, not just a Bard, he is often viewed as THE Bard in Seaside. The pan-flute player, the lute strummer, golden haired with angelic blue eyes. A smile for every person he comes across and a lingering gaze on the ladies. He is said to have a port in any storm, and in a smaller town like Seaside, that could be one port too many- but so far, the Bard of the Borderlands has managed to keep such small things like angry lovers from getting to him. His life during the war is considered a mystery. He just waves off any such questions by saying: why do we need to dwell in the past? That was a while ago. And then walks away from that. Being a Bard, he has a bit of news from all parts of the Borderlands. He provides information and sells bardic scrolls to those who can either read magic or are bards themselves.

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