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Borderlands: Rathmer and Rathmer Encounters

Rathmer & The North Borderlands

The North, The City of the Lake

Rathmer is located furtheest north of Port Kyna and Wisevine it is even a little further of the river town, Gorman's Junction. At one point of its life, the city of Rathmer thought itself a northern city, firmly entrenched within the protection of the Kingdom of Moonrae. However, the city became a casualty of geographic location, so that when borders were drawn between the great kingdoms as to the creation of the Borderlands that the city of Rathmer just happened to be on the wrong side of the river. A fact that has left those residents who stayed a little bitter. Rathmer is a quiet city-state made of square stone buildings. Houses of luxury exist on the hills outside the city or nestled close to Lake Rathmer, which is to the east of the city proper. The Port of Rathmer caters more to private pleasure craft rather than heavy trade, though merchants who deal in gems or incense are welcomed to dock. The Sea-Blue Tower of Atlan is a combination of lighthouse and Magi Guild. They are known to higher adventurers to dive into the ruins and wrecks off the coast of the city, such as the Bohannon Road.

The Library of Rathmer
Quick Facts

-The Library of Rathmer serves as a major collection of arcane and historical knowledge that was either brought from the Great Kingdoms and were lost only to end up at on Rathmer's shelves. It's pre-war collection include a number of treatises on the underwater ruins that dot Rathmer's waters. Tanya Celtara is it's head librarian and resident half-elf.

-Lake Rathmer is connected to the other rivers in the region and at times can be a source of danger for day sailing nobles due to river pirates finding their way into the lake. To combat this, the notables of Rathmer have formed the Lake Guard. Sailors and former freebooters whose job it is is to chase off bilgerats and provide aid to ships in distress. Ethelbert Ferguson is a Sea-Clan Dwarf who now works the lake as the guard Commandant. He is known for a cool handling of his ship during scrapes and the twin pistols he wears in front of his belt.

-The Gnomish Gembander family are jewel crafters and merchants. They tend to work with Dwarven smithies while creating luxury goods or weapons for well-to-do clients. Hermenegild Gembander is the patriarch of the family. He lives in Rathmer, where his underlings hire adventurers to recover gems from lost places. He is most keen on finding Malburg the Lost. The ancient citadel of the Dwarves was said to have vast stores in gems.

-The Three Sisters Rey, Fade, and Sol are Catfolk oracles who run the Three Sisters Arcane Emporium near the docks of Rathmer. They are known to make their trade off of prognostication, the buying and selling of arcane items, and enchantment. All three are Catfolk wizards of various schools. They have an interest in hiring Adventurers to do various jobs for them. The thing is, all three sisters are identical, so it is difficult to tell which sister hired who, but they pay well.

-Crime in Rathmer typically is burglary over protection rackets. If there any 'gangs' they are more made of bored youths rather than hardened criminal enterprise. Shady characters could find the city relatively untouched if they wished to start a criminal organization. But there is always the danger of attacking the wrong person and paying for it with angry relatives, or worst, angry arcanist relatives.

Rathmer Encounter Table

While near Lake Rathmer you encounter the Rathi the lake monster who lurks under the waves. Perhaps Rathi can talk and have a job for you, otherwise it's a lake monster that probably likes the taste of humanoid.
An apprentice who is recklessly practicing his magic opens fire on the party on accident.
The party runs into a 'gang' of sorts. These half-elf, human, and gnome punks look like they wish to talk big while smoking their cigarillos and sporting mustachios. Does the party take the bait and engage these scamps?
A Polenza traveler offers money or his/her personal favor for an escort. Polenza treated with suspicion and little tolerance compared to Port Kyna. She/he needs to do something in town and can use the help.
It's a raid! A large group of River Rats have decided to hit the docks of Rathmer. There might be a reward if you lend aid to the defense.
A Mage who works at the Tower of Atlan has approached the party. He has a job involving sunken ruins and has the means to get there if the party is willing to go.
One of the few full-blooded Elves in town is a Doomsayer. If the party is involved in ruins adventure, this Elf will scream about how they are dealing things that could bring about the destruction of the world. If the party has yet to deal with ruins, they are warned with frantic rants about the ruins hiding something dangerous.
The party meets a Gambler who is interested in betting a great deal of coin/treasure for an item of value they are carrying. Is he on the level, or is he a cheat? He is a Tiefling, so some caution may be advised.
One of the Three Sisters has approached the party. Word is on the streets is that an item from the Great War has surfaced, more than likely it's origins are from the North. The party has been given the task of recovering the object and bringing it back to the Sisters. They are warned to beware, the item was probably made for the Great War and is therefor dangerous.
A series of disappearances in Lake Rathmer suggest that a flesh-eating ooze has gotten loose in the lake. It has to be dealt with. The jingle-jangle of coins bring the adventurers.
The party has entered in a friendly wager with Maximilian Vandemeer, a local bon vivant and playboy who also fancies himself as master at the yacht. It's a vehicle chase as the party crew one craft versus Vandemeer in another. Can the party put the braggart in his place?
A halfling river-boat captain is looking for some helpers on a good laden voyage from Rathmer to Seaside or Farli. Enjoy a lovely river cruise, and hopefully nothing bad will happen during the trip.
One of the houses, the Goodspeed house is purported haunted after the vanishing of Mr. and Mrs. Goodspeed, a couple who made their money investing in the Selentine Mercantile Guild. The Guild is eager to find out what happened to the human couple, and maybe see if anything can be done about the house.
The Guiding Flame at the Tower of Atlan's lighthouse has gone out and no one answers the iron gates. What is going on up there?
An empty cabin north of Rathmer within the woods suggests another missing family. The party maybe hired to investigate and see if a witch is involved.
A gang of Red Knives bearing information as to the location of their base, the so-called Caves of Chaos, where the Knives have gathered others in order to make the Borderlands unsafe and drive out people that will not kneel to the King of Blades - Tyrone Wolfheart, Human Fighter.
A traveling bard is interested in people to hear his/her new composition. It is reported that during their performance ethereal images can be see. Can his song bring forth the dead? Songs are known to bridge the prime material with the Fey Wild. It is possible that their lute has such a magical purpose. Even more alarming, what if the bard knows about it and is using this power for reasons mysterious or nefarious?
An exotic pet emporium has had an accident occur. Wild and valuable animals are running loose through the city. Of course, the animals are no good dead.
The party has uncovered agents from Moonrae (the North) who probably are up to incendiary acts either within the Borderlands or heading south to Sunrae. Does the party get involved in the endless waltz between the two power factions?
Heavy rains from the coast are so intense that the levees in place threaten to break. The possibility of flood offers chances such as heroically trying to save to mitigate the damage of the levees, make money by helping a notable protect or remove his belongings, or pull off a heist during this inclement period.

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