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Borderlands: Mosstide Landing & Encounters

Mosstide Landing & The Great Salt Marsh

The Marsh, Southern Borderlands

Forming a natural obstacle for the Elves of Sunrae is the morass known as the Great Salt Marsh. These waters fluctuate between a light brine to a heavy brackish water that attracts crocodiles, fish, birds, and all manner of insects great and small. The area is claimed as the homelands and territory of races such as Grippli and varying families of Goblin who had been fighting clan wars even before the Great War. Present day Salt Marsh most of life can found gathered in two points: Mosstide Landing, formerly known as Cypruss or the port of Seaside that sits outside the Saltmarsh. The rest of the Marsh continued to be relatively untamed.

Quick Facts

-The road between the forest town of Dragonclaw and Mosstide is known as the Fiddle Run and is often patrolled by the Ranger Service these men and women serve as some form of security on the roads and the few scant ruins known the area. The Service is known to hire adventurers to serve on a posse to apprehend a particularly dangerous suspect or creature. There is also work to be found on the Run with the bounty board system.

-A number of old Elven forts and ruins dot the Salt Marsh. The Elves were at times in hasty retreat during the Great War and not all of their forts were thoroughly cleaned out. There is often treasure and danger tied to those ruins.

-Control of the Marsh is a threeway struggle between Grippli, Lizardfolk, and Goblins. Lizardfolk control the largest spread of the Marsh with their martial prowess, Grippli most easily work with other races and generally have taken to live and defend Mosstide Landing, and Goblins mind their business working as boatmen on the Marsh. Every once in awhile these groups will tangle in a melee.

A group of rogues on the Fiddle Run. This can include lone wolves looking for trouble or Red Knives who seek to drive out all non-Humans from the Borderlands.
A Grippli alchemist who is manufacturing poison from a toxin that he exudes. He offers to sell some or trade some for a service.
A pack of Lizardfolk who are flexing the muscle of one of the tribes by attacking campsights, such as the one that the party is occupying.
A unit of Exiles – Elven mercenaries who may have a job for adventurers, are on patrol, or even trying to shakedown party.
A fisherman or fisherwoman who is fishing the Marsh. They are seeking the next big catch and they could use a little help to subdue it.
A servant for the Cathway Family who own a large manor in the Marsh. The family matriarch, Mrs. Cathway, is always looking for extra help around the manor. Why not stop in for a visit?
A Goblin boatman who offers the party passage across one of the larger, deeper portions of the Marsh. He perhaps has a dire tale of treasure or danger.
Zombies who seem to dredge themselves up from mire or hastily buried graveyard. It seems like there is necromatic magic in the air.
A Ranger working the Fiddle Run or in the Marsh who is looking to deputize the party to help bring down a troubling monster or group of criminals.
Treasure hunters who are searching the nearby ruins. If they haven't found anything they may warn the party off, but if they have something on hand or the party is too close to something, the hunters may try to hunt down the party.

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