Friday, May 25, 2018

Celestial Time & Dendi the Sly

When approaching making demi-human divines, especially for Gnomes & Halflings, I wanted to avoid the usual The Tinker God or the The Traveler God. Instead, I thought up these two ideas for a rough sketch. These powers do not have to exclusively serve Gnomes and Halflings, they were just the groups I had in mind when I came up with them.

Celestial Time

Major Arcana: None

Worshipers: Gnomes, Mages, Watchmakers, Navigators, Stargazers

Portfolio of Choice: Knowledge

Concepts: Time, Fate, and Knowledge

Brief: Celestial Time is less of a Power and more of a philosophy created by Gnomes. Time, of course, is one of the most- if not THE most powerful forces in the universe. Those ticking sands determine a birth, a death, when the sun rises and falls. Those who follow the concept of Celestial Time believe that starting a spell or a divine project, the very second counts in order to attain maximum power. These believers are obsessed with being in the correct phase of the year or starting projects to the exact minute. Some habits include the following.

-A cleric may wait for an event minute to begin casting their spell as even numbers are highly blessed.

-A gnome oracle may advise the exact time a couple should begin conceiving their child in order for the child to be most blessed and knowledgeable.

-A believer likes to start their countdown at 12 seconds over 10 to achieve divine balance.

Adventure Seeds

-A Cleric doubles as a watchmaker and has learned of a divine watch that can be used to empower spells when the minute hand is on the correct numbers. He is organizing a party to retrieve it.

-A group of Gnomes consider themselves the guardians of time and they have a rogue Chronomancer in hand. Chronomancy, or the gross manipulation of time is considered very taboo to this philosophy. The Gnomes are willing to hire adventurers to travel through time to arrest this suspect and bring them in for judgement.

Dendi the Sly

Major Arcana: The Wheel

Worshipers: Halflings, Gamblers, and Travelers

Portfolio of Choice: Trickery

Concepts: Luck, Trickery, Gambling, and Traveling

Brief: Originally a Divine of Traveling, Dendi had evolved with his people. As Halflings evolved from mere river sailors, travelers, and cart-and-horse merchants to gamblers, con artists, and thieves in the larger cities, Dendi shifted to bless these special travelers. Dendi's avatar is that of a dressed up dandy who loves to gamble. Beating him at dice and dominoes can yield riches from his vast vaults. Trying to cheat the Gambler, such as rolling with finger cross can get you cursed with bad luck, however, a keen eye should be kept when rolling The Sly, he has a habit of making 'mistakes' at the game. Some habits of his worshipers include the following.

-Worshipers tend to be snappy dressers. Instead of holy symbols they tend to carry around a blessed deck of cards, a pair of dice, or a set of dominoes that they use as both a spell focus and often as their game of choice.

-Good aligned believers in the Sly will gladly take money, but try to stop before they send a poor soul broke into the world. Evil aligned worshipers will go all in and until they have every coin or their victim's very soul. Alas, Dendi is quite neutral and never seems to condone or condemn either spectrum.

Adventure Seeds

-Dendi's Avatar has shown up and it's a gambling frenzy. Dare you sit down and roll the bones with the lord of the Sly? The riches could be great, but he could also end up with either all your treasure, or worst, owing the Gambler a favor to be named later.

-One of Dendi's artifacts is loose on the world. You may get rewarded by getting it back, or reward yourself by having a magic gambling object that helps win money! Use divinely blessed cards, dice, or dominoes wisely- they could be viewed as cheating by most mortal gamblers.

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