Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Faction: The Brute Squad

The Brute Squad

Going out for a night on the town? Want to project overwhelming strength while you meet-and-greet friends? How about some strapping lads and lasses of the 'Brute Squad' be your bodyguard?

Rep: A mercenary company that hires out tough races like Minotaur, Giff, and Orcs to serve as muscle and protection.

Brief: Founded by a pair of Minotaur brothers who had come to the big city, the Brute Squad, is a mercenary unit that works within The City. They provide bodies for strictly for protection jobs for those who can afford it. For a nightly fee, a noble is guaranteed at least three sellswords who are generally trained for martial combat. Higher fees can get a customer more bodies or more specialized types such as spellcasters or elite warriors. Membership is open to what are viewed as tough races. Minotaur, Orcs, Giff, Goliaths, and Dragonborn are to name a few who can find steady work within the squad.

Seeds & Ideas: -The party happens to be comprised of races above and find work under the Squad. It seems like an adventurous noble could use some bodies while he goes on holiday in a hostile environment. How does an all expenses paid vacation sound in the middle of the jungle or battlefield strike you?

-Gunther Warboar, an Orc mercenary and member of the Squad approaches the party about trouble brewing within the Company. Can the party pose as either potential mercenaries or clients to try and route out the criminal element gripping the group?

-Two noble houses are upset and desirous to control a certain part of The City. They are desperate for bodies and both have approached the Brute Squad for the muscle. Does the Squad (and subsequently the players working with the squad) work both sides or support one side over the other?

-Werner Direhorn, one of the Minotaur brothers who founded the Squad, is dying. Who will now take control of the company? Well his will stipulate trial by combat. Very appropriate for a guy who made his money selling sellswords.

-You're a race that is viewed as weak (Elves, Men, Halflings, &/or Gnomes) and want to try out for the Squad. Now you have to go through training while being viewed as a pariah by your fellow colleagues. Hopefully you have the grit to make it through and have the honor of calling yourself a Brute.

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