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Location: Emory Manor

Located in the riverlands north and east of Rathmer is the massive Emory Manor. Built before the great war, when Rathmer was a haven for nobility in the North, the Emory family continued to hold on. They did not leave for the Elves, they did not leave when advised by men, and they did not leave in the face of a demi-human immigration. The hall remained, the fields worked, and the only change was Mister Oscar Emory passed away and left Amelia Emory in charge. To this day the Emory clan continue to live and work the property. The area is idyllic, save for the occasion crocodile attack, haunting, and attacks by Goblin who claim that something from that manor is praying on their kind.

Amelia Emory - House Matriarch

Miss Emory is the matriarch of the Emory Clan and lady of the house through her marriage to Oscar Emory. Memory of their first meeting is hazy, one story told she just showed up on the river bed near the house, the victim of sinking river barge. Though she first started as a guest, Mrs. Emory used her beauty and force of character to marry Mister Emory and gain control of the property. Under her control the property flourished both in working the land as well as in fish brought in by the river. She seemed to have a knack for working the area. 

She has a secret to her. She knows and loves the land around the Emory property because she is not a human, she is actually a river monster who is in the guise of a human, praying on Goblins or children who get to close or swim too late. She knows if her secret is revealed they would hunt her for sure, but every few months she has to eat a humanoid to maintain her peak health and beauty.

-Abilities: Very charming, hidden strength, water breathing, swimming

-Traits: Beautiful. Has an air of mystery that intrigues someone. Expertise in agriculture.

-Ideal: Control of the Emory estate. See to it that her daughter, Florence Emory, is married to a good man. Bring sentient food to her other daughter, Nerita, who lives in the river.

-Bond: Loves her family, both on the surface and in the river. Wants to protect her grandson from being taken by Nerita by accident.

-Followers: Can count on the loyalty of the estate workers and guards.

Emory Estate

The Estate is a large house and farmstead in the verdant river lands area. The region includes humid summers and mild winters with little chance of snow. Storms, such as summer hurricanes and torrential rains are a danger. Such storms have yet to affect the manor, however, not since Mrs. Emory has shown up. The area is made up of the following:

-The Manor House: The proper home of Mrs. Emory, her daughter Florence, her son Jacob and his wife Lilah, their grandson, and her brother-in-law James. Also living are a number of Human servants who serve maids and butler.

-The Fields: Overseen by the Human, Roger Megson, the fields offer employment for Orcs and Goblins who have not taken to the river or mercenary trade. Current crop are blue berries and walnuts.

-The Shacks: On the opposite side of the river is Riverview, a Goblin shacktown that serves as a community for Emory Estate workers. Local legends say a number of river monsters like to come up and eat children or unfortunate men and women who work the rivers. A Goblin could become a legend if they actually managed to slay one of the beasts that prey on them.

Adventure Seeds

-The Madam's Favorite: The party has taken a number of jobs dealing with undead, crocodiles, and a bandit group in the area. It appears that Mrs. Emory has taken a fancy to one of the party members (she prefers Human, Elves, or Half-Elves with high chairsma scores or who are bards). With each mission she tires to draw this character closer. Is she looking to marry and become a patron to the party? Or is she drawing a new fly to her web to be devoured.

-River Monsters Must Die!: The Goblins of Riverview have had enough and they have collected the coin to pay an adventuring group to search the river through mundane and magical means. Their quest is to search the river, find the monster that has been preying on them, and kill it. That's all well and good, but how does Miss Emory feel about that?

-Range War: Another family has taken control of a swathe of land near the Emory Estate. Land is a valuable commodity, and this family, the MacDonalds, are willing to hire men to force the Emory's off. Besides the ethical question of forcing a family off their rightful property, what is the party going to do when it turns out the rival matriarch is a swamp monster that can crush a man's shoulder bone with a single punch?

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