Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mini Six: Maze Spell

"The represents a certain balance in magic. Yes, a person is exiled from their loved ones to an inter-dimensional realm, however, there is always a way out. It just may take the victim a while to escape."

Name: Maze
TN: 24
Target: One Creature
Range: Sight
Duration: A number of minutes equal to caster's wit or an entire Scene at GM's discretion.
Resistance: Wit or Victim's Spellcasting vs. Caster's Spellcasting

Brief: On failing their resistance roll, target character is exiled to an inter-dimensional plane in the shape of a maze that they must escape in order to return to the prime material plane. The maze's complexity is based on the caster's Spellcasting skill. The victim requires a number minutes equal to the caster's Spellcasting skill in order to solve the maze and leave.

Minotaur are surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly) a special exception. Minotaur are immune to maze spells, but some elect to enter the maze as they love the spell that much. A minotaur who willing goes into the maze may speed up exit time by rolling their Wit trait vs. a TN set by the caster's original casting roll. Once they complete the maze they emerge invigorated and gain +1D Might die for a number of rounds equal to their wit.

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