Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Mini Six: The Simple Magic System & Sample Spells

The original creator of the Simpler Magic System came from a thread by a user named 'Daneel' to give credit where credit is due. Before I throw up some sample spells, here is the system in full.

Mini-Six Simpler Magic System 

1. Player describes spell they are attempting to cast.

2. GM provides a difficulty Target Number to hit using the table and optional rules below as a guide.

3. Player rolls. Resolve.

Very Easy & Easy: 2-10 

Short Range (touch)
Short Duration (one round)
Single Target (one creature/object)
Cantrips/Orisons, See Auras, Speak Languages, Burning Touch

Moderate & Difficult: 11-20

Medium Range (bowshot)
Medium Duration (several rounds)
Medium Area (several people)
Charm People, Mystic Armor, Heal Wounds, Fire Ball, Polymorph

Very Difficult: 21-30

Long Range (sight)
Long Duration (entire scene/encounter)
Large Area (crowd)
Resurrection, Group Teleport, Earthquake, Anti-magic Zone

Heroic: 31+

Any Range, Duration, Area & Effect
Wish, Miracle

Optional Rules 

- Damage is equal to Wits (as rolled when attempting TN).

- Healing TN is 15 for Wounded, 20 for Incapacitated and 25 for Mortal; healing may only improve the Wound category by one.

- Increase the difficulty if the spell being cast meets more than one criteria of a spell of that level.

- Require 2d in Wits to cast easy spells, 3d for Moderate, 4d for Very Difficult and 5d in Wits to attempt Heroic spells.

- Require verbal, somatic and material components and magical focuses (holy symbols, magic wands, etc.). Removing them can increase the difficulty of casting spells or even deny the ability to cast spells entirely.

- Require Contagious (part affects whole) or Sympathetic (like affects like) magic.

- Use Ritualistic magic that requires a longer casting time (say several minutes or hours).

- Allow the caster to cast several spells (say 1 spell per pip in Wits) ahead of time that can be "memorized" and then "released" at the time of casting (as 1 action).

- Allow sentient creatures an opposed roll (or Wits dice x3 +pips static defense) to resist spells.

- Wearing armor increases casting TN by an amount equal to the Armor points.

Sample Spells

TN: 13
Range: Bowshot
Damage: Wits
Special: Upon hit, the target must roll a Might vs. TN 10 or be chilled for a round. While chilled, the target takes a -1D to all actions and their movement is slowed.

Blazing Barrier
TN: 14
Range: Caster
Armor Bonus: +6
Special: The barrier is hazardous to melee attacks as they are attacking a shield of magical fire. Any melee attack takes 2D fire damage. If damage overcomes Toughness, the target is set on fire and continues to take 2D fire damage each round until they take an action to put out the fire.

Feather Fall
TN: 5 + 1 per other character targeted in spells.
Range: Caster to Bowshot
Special: Caster can enchant themselves to float gently to the ground. They may also target up to 5 allies with the same spell.

TN: Special
Range: Touch
Note: This healing spell's TN is determined by wound severity as listed above. It includes 15 for wounded, 20 for incapacitated, and 25 for mortally wounded.

TN: 12
Range: Bowshot
Special: Teleports caster a short distance. Shimmering allows the target to bypass hostile targets without provoking a withdrawing attack.

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