Tuesday, May 29, 2018

So You Are a Dwarven Cavalryman...

And you need a mount? Well, for the Dwarven soldier on the go, there are typically three mounts associated with the mountain and hillfolk. Let's take a look at them.

Draft Pony

Note: Dwarves of the plains breed what are known as Draft Ponies which are a stouter breed of animal compared to pony, but not as large or cumbersome as a true horse. These animals tend to serve Dwarves who are in campaign with other races, especially Humans, as dietary requirements for draft ponies are the same as normal horses and costs less to feed. Mercenary companies with Human owners will often insist their Dwarven soldiers use a pony over one of the two animals below.

Dire Boar

Considered the standard cavalry for the Common Dwarf is the dire boar. These great beasts can be ill tempered and require a period of familiarization with their prospective owner. Once the two are familiarized, they are often lifelong companions. Dire Boars will eat almost anything and will eat a lot of it. Great care has to be taken to make sure the Dire Boar does not overeat supplies. They are particularly fond of nuts and berries, and is often the easiest way for the boar's non-rider to get in close in a peaceful situation. Standard combat tactics is for the dire boar to impale a target with its tusks and allow it's rider to either strike with a lance or fire a crossbow at close ranges.

Great Ram

Considered an honor to ride one of the King's Rams, Great Rams are more agreeable compared to Boars once a rider has selected. These beasts move surefooted through mountainous regions even when bearing a Dwarf upon their back. Their hardened heads are often reinforced with metal barding, so that when a ram strikes it can shatter the bones of the enemy. As for the Dwarves who ride them, they are often drawn from either noble families, or soldiers who have proven themselves loyal to the Thane to be a member of his or her Ramsguard. Abusing a ram by a non-Dwarf or Common Dwarf is a grave offense and can be met with a deadly rebuke.


  1. what about bears? I have several bear riding dwarf cavalrymen lead miniatures somewhere in my garage.